Year 2000 Compliance

To ensure the same uninterrupted service it normally offers, Atlantic.Net has put together a comprehensive year 2000 compliance program. Atlantic.Net is working with vendors to ensure that all the equipment used in its network will continue normal operation into the year 2000 and beyond. In addition, Atlantic.Net is also reviewing all the custom-built software used in the network and business operations of the company. Customers should be assured that Atlantic.Net is being attentive in preparing early for the year 2000.

This Web site will show the status of Atlantic.Net's year 2000 compliance program. Links will be included to Atlantic.Net's major vendors. Customers are encouraged to check with their other vendors to ensure there will not be any problems come 2000.

If you have any questions about Atlantic.Net's year 2000 compliance program, please e-mail

Atlantic.Net Vendor Compliance

Cisco Systems
Lucent Technologies, Remote Access Business Unit
Siemens Business Communications
SUN Microsystems
UUNet Technologies
Sprint Communications

Atlantic.Net Internal Hardware and Software Status



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