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is a leading Internet service provider dedicated to customer service. Our goal is to offer the highest level of service and support equally to all our customers. Individuals, corporations, nonprofit organizations, municipal governments and many others trust Atlantic.Net's reputation for providing reliable access at a reasonable cost:

  • Internet Connectivity
    Internet access and transit via Atlantic.Net's private network. Customers enjoy high-speed Internet access, coupled with access to other networks with who we have negotiated peering, or that connect to us via PMX (Private Metro-Exchanges), located throughout the areas we serve. We provide both dial-up and dedicated connections, independent of the transmission method chosen.
  • Web site hosting
    Private Web sites (such as are maintained and serviced at one of our regional Network Operating Centers. Attractively priced, Web site hosting offers individuals, companies, and educational institutions the opportunity to have a Web presence at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a dedicated link to the Internet.
  • Managed Networks
    Atlantic.Net Managed Networks allow organizations to build and maintain cost effective enterprise networks using the most optimal transport and internetworking equipment available without significant investment in expensive hardware or IT professionals. Unlike other managed network service offerings, Atlantic.Net Managed Networks are vendor independent, allowing Atlantic.Net engineers to pick and choose "best of breed" solutions for your enterprise's wide area network (WAN).


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