Managed Networks

Atlantic.Net Managed Network Services allows companies to implement enterprise wide area networks without significant investment in hardware and IT personnel. Atlantic.Net's experienced team of network engineers can plan, build, and manage a network customized to your company’s needs.


Easy access to company information for employees and customers is critical to today’s business success. A wide area network (WAN) allows your business to exchange information with distributed local area networks and the Internet, however building, integrating, and operating a network is a resource-draining task. Atlantic.Net Managed Network Services frees your company’s resources and allows you to focus its core competencies.


  • A team of Atlantic.Net engineers will design a complete wide area network solution and then manage the acquisition, implementation, test and turn-up of all services and equipment.
  • Network Monitoring – Each site is periodically polled from Atlantic.Net’s NOC 24/7 to insure the network is up and operating.
  • Notification – Based upon the parameters specified Atlantic.Net will contact your company in the event of an outage within minutes via telephone, pager, or e-mail.
  • Diagnosis – experienced Atlantic.Net engineers will quickly assess and isolate the network failure, whether physical or logical.
  • Resolution – With established vendor contacts and tools Atlantic.Net will resolve the problem and restore service.
  • Reporting – Upon restoration Atlantic.Net will provide a descriptive report of the trouble and how it was resolved.
  • Monthly Reporting – Atlantic.Net will provide monthly reports that summarize overall network availability and list of all network outages.


  • Network monitored 24/7 from secure Network Operations Center
  • All networking equipment is managed by skilled network engineers
  • Equipment may be leased
  • No investment in IT professionals
  • "best of breed" internetworking equipment and transport media used

For more information on Atlantic.Net's Managed Networks call 1-800-422-2936, ext. 4374 or e-mail


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