Wholesale Dial-Up

Atlantic.Net wholesale dial-up services allow companies to enjoy reliable IP network connectivity at speeds up to 56Kbps analog and 64Kbps ISDN with out the significant administrative costs of maintaining modem pools.


As skilled labor costs continue to rise and networking standards evolve rapidly, outsourcing portions of an enterprise network makes sense for many organizations. Outsourcing allows organizations to scale their dial-up network in a cost-effective manner without the significant investment in hardware, people and administrative planning. In addition, outsourcing allows companies to provide local dial-up service to a large geographic area, thus reducing long distance charges while increasing coverage.


  • No investment in hardware or personnel to improve and expand network services.
  • IP connectivity to the Internet and intranet sites via multiple redundant routes
  • Proven, experienced Network Operations Center (NOC), monitored 24 hours a day, proactively evaluating network performance and quickly addressing areas of concern.
  • Simplify operations by eliminating calls to Local Exchange Carriers (LEG) and Interexchange Carriers (IXC). Atlantic.Net becomes the single point of contact.
  • Use of the most up-to-date, stable hardware and software platforms available.


  • Proactive network monitoring with toll-free technical support from Atlantic.Net's Network Operations Center, seven days a week
  • Easy addition or removal of dial-up subscriber via RADIUS server or HTML interface.
  • Access to any Atlantic.Net point-of-presence (POP)
  • Internet connectivity via Atlantic.Net's backbone, which maintains private interconnects with the largest national Internet backbone providers, ensuring low latency and quality assurances.
  • Optional connection to Atlantic.Net's USENET news server.
  • Domain name registration, including primary and secondary Domain Name Service (DNS).

For more information on Atlantic.Net's wholesale dial-up plans call 1-800-422-2936 ext. 4396 or e-mail wholesale@atlantic.net.


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