The Partner Program

As an industry representative, customers and clients regularly look to you for advice about the best ways to connect to the Internet and make the most of their on-line experience. Our customers often look to us for locally-available services and products. The Atlantic.Net Partner Program is designed to bring us together and offer the best products and services in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Become an Atlantic.Net Preferred Partner

When you introduce people to Atlantic.Net, you are introducing a service guaranteed to deliver quality service at a reasonable price. You can offer Atlantic.Net's Internet services to your customers with confidence, knowing that we have a top team of network engineers and customer service representatives standing by to take care of them.  Atlantic.Net respects your valuable time by assuming all aspects of customer service. You simply sign them up using our Website or provide them with a complementary Atlantic.Net Installation Kit. Atlantic.Net does the rest! You will be paid commissions based on a predetermined commission structure.

  • Flexibility and Simplicity:
    Atlantic.Net gives our partners multiple options for providing their customers with our service. Partners have the freedom to preconfigure computers to connect to Atlantic.Net, walk new customers through the configuration process, or simply provide customers with everything they need to get on-line on their own.  Our Atlantic.Net Installation Kits are pre-coded so that we are able to give you automatic credit for any sign-ups that result from your distribution of the software, regardless of how many people use an individual disk.
  • Profit:
    Our partners enjoy competitive sales commissions on all of our services, from basic dial-up accounts and Web hosting packages to high-speed dedicated access services.  Complimentary dial-up accounts are available for partners who meet minimal sign-up requirements.
  • Support:
    Atlantic.Net's program managers make sure you have everything you need to provide your customers with the best in Internet access.  Support materials include:
    • Atlantic.Net Install Kit Version 4.0, which includes Netscape Communicator
    • Sales literature
    • Promotional posters
    • Monthly newsletter
  • Customer Benefits:
    • Reliability - Atlantic.Net has the only triple-homed Internet backbone in the state of Florida. Multiple Internet backbones ensure continuous service even if one of the links should go down.
    • Quick and easy connections - Our service is available at modem speeds of up to 56Kbps in most areas, and our low 10-1 user-to-modem ratio offers everyone an excellent chance to log in without getting annoying busy signals.
    • Technical Support - Our technical support team is available seven days a week via a toll-free number to address any questions or problems customers may have.
    • Referral credits good for one month of free service each time they recommend us to others.
    • Risk-free trial - Atlantic.Net offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.  Within the first 30 days of service, a customer may cancel service for any reason and receive a full refund.

If these benefits sound interesting and you would like more information, contact Atlantic.Net at 1-800-422-2936, ext. 4388 or send e-mail to

If you would like to become an Atlantic.Net Partner, please fill out this application.

Click here for a list of Atlantic.Net's current Preferred Partners.



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