Auto responders
Auto responders are used to send automatic replies to e-mail messages.

CGI Support
CGI provides the ability to implement advanced features such as guest books, hit counters and shopping carts on a site. Such applications can be programmed to send submitted information directly into a database for later use.

Data Transfer
Data transfer refers to traffic leaving or entering a Web or FTP site. Data transferred anytime someone from the outside accesses anything on a Web or FTP site and downloads it to another system for viewing.

Disk Space
The space on the Web server used to store text files, graphics, audio and video files and other content relating to a Web site. The amount of hard disk space reserved for each site depends on the service plan selected.

Domain Name Registration
Atlantic.Net will research potential domain names (, provide a list of available options and register the domain name with InterNIC and the appropriate registry

The organization commissioned by the Federal government to coordinate domain name registration. For domestic top-level domain names (.com,.net and .org), InterNIC charges $70 for the first two years and $35 per year there after.

Foreign domain name suffixes
Each country is assigned a domain name suffix, such as .tm and .nu, which they may offer as a unique alternative to the more common .com suffixes. Charges vary from country to country.

FrontPage 98
Microsoft FrontPage 98 is an excellent client to create and maintain a Web site. FrontPage extensions offer the ability to easily include advanced HTML utilities like CGI scripts and multimedia applications into a site.

FTP Access
FTP (file transfer protocol) access offers the ability to access and maintain a Web site from a remote location.

Mail Forwarding
Mail forwarding is a feature that allows e-mail sent to one address (such as to be automatically forwarded to another address. Different mail forwarding accounts con be set up for different purposes, but all may be sent to the some e-mail account

Additional Mail Accounts
Additional mail accounts can be set up for individual staff or applications. E-mail sent to an additional address will be stored on the mail server for download to the recipient just like any other e-mail account.

Electronic Payment
Methods of payment such as credit cards and direct bank debits, exchange in a secure environment.

Shopping Cart
A shopping cart is a feature that enables customers to browse through an online catalog and mark individual items for purchase. When ready to purchase, all marked items are tallied onto on order form, payment arrangements are entered and the completed order is sent to the merchant for fulfillment via e-mail.

SSL Secure Server
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) allows visitors to a Web site to send and receive private information, such as pricing and credit card numbers, across the Internet in a secure environment. Data transferred via this process is automatically encrypted by the sender's browser and decoded by the Web servers.

Daily Statistics & Usage Logs
Daily statistics and usage logs are useful tools to help make the most of Web site. Some sample applications include hit counters, data transfer monitoring and a tracking feature to see which specific domain names or accessing your site.

Enables Web developers to enhance Web sites with interactive content on multimedia applications.

A simple scripting language useful for processing forms, generating dynamic HTML and providing an easy means to introduce interactive content into Web site. Many turnkey applications are available.



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