MAR 22, 1999 - Preliminary 1998 Financials. Duesouth Networks d/b/a SCESCAPE, Inc., is pleased to announce that estimated profit in 1998 was 8.5% of revenues, up from 5.5% in 1997. Revenues have nearly doubled for three consecutive years. SCESCAPE is planning to unveil a corporate website which will make available investor information, corporate strategy, and unaudited financials. In other fiscal news, DueSouth Networks has officially announced plans for an Initial Public Offering of stock in the future. We will keep customers posted. questions? e-mail : investor-relations@duesouth.net
MAR 22, 1999 - Line upgrade notice. We have been given a confirmed due date by our vendor of 4/9/99 to double capacity on the North Augusta number which will temporarily alleviate congestion, and have been given a window of 90 days for total 400% capacity upgrade to North Augusta using a different vendor. After reviewing statistics for Q1 99 we may increase this upgrade to 800%. We have been promised fifteen day turnaround on new orders once the new vendor is implemented. Once this upgrade is in place we will begin transitioning some current customers to the new number to reduce congestion on our main Aiken number, since it has been confirmed twice by our current line vendor that we cannot expand 641-2800 ever beyond its current capacity for technical reasons, so we will be maintaining this number at current scale and expanding on the new number. We will maintain our moratorium on new signups until capacity is available and apologize for the inconvenience. noc@duesouth.net
MAR 21, 1999 - DueSouth announces Year-2000 compliance at 90% with full compliance by June and an upcoming statement about Y2K and us.
MAR 20, 1999 - We have corrected a problem with our online signup form and added a new signup form for virtual servers.
MAR 19, 1999 - DueSouth debuts Personal Hosting services for its customers.
MAR 15, 1999 - DueSouth's new ClientSite database is online! Add yourself and your website into it.
MAR 12, 1999 - DueSouth Networks has suspended signups in Aiken pending the arrival of our new phone lines within 20-25 days. We do have a waiting list for interested customers - call our offices or send us an e-mail to be put on to the waiting list.
FEB 17, 1999 - Fiber cut in Jackson, SC has disrupted connectivity to Columbia - Charleston - Jackson, SC. No ETA from UUNet.
FEB 6, 1999 - DueSouth announces 1999 Initiative to be the Last ISP You'll Ever Need - more info
FEB 3, 1999 - In response to customer requests, DueSouth has increased the maximum size of incoming mail to 10 Megabytes.



DEC 31, 1998 - Happy New Year to Our Customers and Thanks for a Great Year!
DEC 20, 1998 - New lines are in and we are taking signups in Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA, again.
NOV 20, 1998 - Grand Opening of Our Columbia, South Carolina store in the heart of the Congaree Vista
OCT 30, 1998 - To our customers-- we have received an unusual growth in traffic on our 641-2800 number and accordingly have ordered an urgent increase in lines available to that number.
In the interim, we ask customers who should get a busy if possible to temporarily try dialing our North Augusta line at 803-279-2045 if they need access to the internet.
Thanks and we apologize for the inconvenience.
OCT 25, 1998 - DueSouth Accounting will only be available on a part-time basis from Monday, October 26th through Wednesday, October 28th. Please direct detailed accounting questions to accounting@duesouth.net
OCT 20 1998 - Netscape released Communicator 4.5. Avaliable for free download at http://home.netscape.com/download/index.html?cp=dmg45tt2a .
OCT 14, 1998 - DueSouth users - now your homepage can be viewed as "http://username.home.duesouth.net/" in addition to http://www.duesouth.net/~username
OCT 2, 1998 - Change your DNS numbers! As DueSouth completes phase one of the local connectivity upgrades, a configuration change is necessary on customers' part. Click here for instructions.