Our Business Focus for 1999: The Last ISP You Will Ever Need

Doug McClure, CEO
DueSouth Networks

Joe Bonin, VP
DueSouth Networks

February 5, 1999 - Aiken, SC

DueSouth Networks today unveiled an invigorating strategy and goal for the future. In response to a survey issued in early January as well as long-term planning already in the works, DueSouth Networks has announced a theme for the last year of the milennium: to be the Last ISP You Will Ever Need.

"Our survey showed that like any growing business there are both great strengths and some weaknesses in our operations. Our particular concern is in the areas of customer service as well as maintaining technical excellence," remarked Doug McClure, CEO. He continued to outline that DueSouth's vision for the future of internet access is not as some analysts believe for the vast majority of internet users to become a customer of some faceless megacorporation but to be a part of smaller, regional businesses with a focus on communication and personal service.

"In one commercial airing on national television," said Joe Bonin, VP of DueSouth, "they close their advertisement by saying 'To be become a customer of this company, call this number. That mindset is going to turn off most consumers - it sounds as if the whole purpose of signing up with that outfit would be to benefit that outfit's balance sheet, not to improve your connection or quality." DueSouth has consistently ranked high in Customer Service in all surveys and is retaining the services of a management consultation and customer services expert to refine and improve its already strong customer communications to better meet consumer demand.

What to expect from DueSouth in 1999 as a result of this work? "We'll probably be asking our customers more questions than they're used to, but in return they'll find that in the end the service is perfectly suited to their needs. Some customers will want more communication - some will want less."

Revolutionary innovations in Technical Support services are also in the works. "By saying we're going to be the Last ISP You Will Ever Need, we're committing to all aspects of excellence from the standpoint of the customer. Our coverage is nationwide, so most likely when they move we'll be able to continue serving them; our technical competence and ability to serve customers is one area of focus to make sure they don't outgrow our ability to serve them; and through customer service initiatives we will be the exact experience they need when using the internet," comments Bonin.

DueSouth Networks, a SCESCAPE Company, celebrates its fourth anniversary in March of 1999 with access to six hundred cities across the country.