Flying here is still fun.  Though I hope we have something here that is useful and of interest to all areas of aviation,  the goal is to learn a little something and have a  little fun in the process.  Email us with your comments at av8r1stop@scescape.net

Check out our online book store.  These are of interest to various segments of the aviation industry and the list of titles should grow fairly quickly.

Working toward a new certificate or rating?  You can now receive quality ground instruction right here on the net.  Using freeware you can now take a ground school class right here on the net that is much like going to a classroom, but is in the comfort of your home using your PC.  You will able to actually talk to an instructor over the net, and many books used are downloadable off the net.  The number of courses is growing and we soon should be offering something from ultralights to multi engine airplanes.  Sorry no helicopters, at least not yet.

Are FAA safety meetings at times that make them difficult to attend?  Use the tools of the internet and Real Audio to attend one at your convienence online.  It even counts toward your participation in the Wings program.  Check it out.

Radio communications have you a little stumped?  Listen to live broadcast of the Approach controls at either Chicago or Dallas Fort Worth.  It can help those who get a little dry mouth when pressing the mic button.

Check out the flight training corner.  If you are learning to fly or adding a new rating or certificate, you will appreciate the tips shared here.

Also look for new links to other aviation and space related sites.  I will try to offer something for everyone here. From pics taken by the Mars Pathfinder, to the latest kitplane builders site, I hope you will check them out often.  Let me know if you would like to have your site added, and we will do the best we can.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  Come on back by again soon.  Mark Blackwell President  Aviators One Stop Inc.  Email comments to av8r1stop@scescape.net

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