Predict your future

We produce world-class graphics for Web pages, as well as complete Web page design. All our work is produced on our Mac-based workstations. We are experts in a wide spectrum of skills, including:

Complete Web page design and installation
Web page "face lifts"
3D design and animation
Logo design
Photo shooting, scanning and retouching
Icon, toolbar and palette button design
Product "splash screens"

We speak geek as well:

HTML, CGI, Java, Perl, ActiveX, SQL
FTP, HTTP, Email, CompuServe, AOL
AVI, Quicktime, Photoshop, Stratavision, KPT,
Shockwave, Word, C/C++,

Clean, Clear, Colorful. Confusing graphics make confused customers.

We use restraint in color and composition. The result is a simple, strong and elegant look.

Every Pixel Counts. Every image needs to be as flawless as possible, down to the pixel level, particularly small images. Imperfections register at the subconscious level and tend to give the viewer an impression of "imperfection", even if they're not sure why they feel that way.

scescape is a client-oriented firm. among our clients: