Our philosophy has always been to offer quality internet access, as well as the best support, running on the most advanced equipment. By doing this we have achieved what we feel is the greatest satisfaction any Internet Service Provider can hope for...the satisfaction of our clients.

Dear Mr. McClure,

Please allow me to express our gratitude to your company for assisting in alerting our citizens of the potential problems associated with Hurricane Fran on September 4th and 5th. Your actions reflect a positive commitment to assisting us in ensuring the safety and welfare of all citizens and others who come under our care.

While we were spared the effects of the hurricane, the efforts that went into preparing will serve us well in the event of future emergencies. Having your services as an additional arm of the County's Public Information Office affords us another resource as we disseminate emergency information to the citizens of Aiken County.


William M. Shepherd
County Administrator

I think you have captured many of the reasons SCescape is the best (and it is)! You may be hesitant to mention it, but I think what you do for the community is tremendous. The interest you have in revitalizing the downtown area is commendable. I really can't say enough. Keep up the great job!

Ray Brogdon

The service has been great and the new home page is nice. The tutorials are great, just keep on doing what your doing. I may not always have time to answer your surveys but I appreciate being kept up to speed with what's going on at scescape.

Ralph Dale


You all deserve to be #ONE.

Max Trinidad

Service is working fine. We have never been disconnected a single time.


Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to making this a great service.

Alan & Andy Herrin

Thanks to everyone there for getting me set up this week, especially Marc. So far, it's been a real pleasure dealing with all of you.

Mark Cox

Let me be the first to say.. SCEscape actually is technologically aware. In this area I have tested (and I do mean tested) most of the local ISPs. It was my dismal dicovery that the technical support was severely lacking from all of the existing ISPs before SCEscape. From day one with SCEscape it was obviously apparent that I was dealing with someone who knew that they were talking about and were not apt to blame problems that could not easily be answered on the fact that "You are not using WinSoc." I am honored to be a member of an ISP that is aware of their users needs and requests. Not once in the 3 months that I have been a SCEscape user have I gotten a busy signal and with the support and constant watchful eye that the technical staff has I don't expect that I will.

SCEscape is there for the user because the user is there for SCEscape. Isn't this how it should be?

-Tony Kirkland (E911 Dispatcher, Aiken County Sheriff's Office)

I am just glad to see that you are getting some recognition for the many, many, many hours you both put in.

In all seriousness, You and Doug do a dadgum good job. And I for one am proud to be a part of the SCESCAPE.NET users family and to have @scescape.net trailing my name! I will logon to C-Net once a week just to let them know.

Eaten any tomatoes lately?

Thank You :-)

April Price - Twidget Designs

We had the bright idea of getting a week's worth of internet service while on vacation in Maine so we could keep up with everyone in Aiken through SCescape. Little did we know that the largest service provider up here could not provide the level of competence we now take for granted with SCescape. I get dropped connections, no pick-ups, and 37 busy signals in a row! If the world is to grow into greater internet usage, more providers should take lessons from SCescape!

-Karen Papouchado

Aiken had a bad experience with an Internet Service Provider before you guys came to town. A lot of us " Internet people " felt that we were used by the other provider. They would never answer the telephone, much less call you back with an answer to your problem. We all had no idea how bad they were.

Your hard work and round the clock dedication to your customers sets new standards for Internet Service Providers.

SCESCAPE's committment to customers and service makes SCESCAPE a joy to work with.

Thank you from all of us in Aiken.

Robin Ellis
Emergency Responders Appreciation Day

Joe, I'm very happy with scescape.net. I had Prodigy for about five years and AOL for about three years. When I signed up with you, I cancelled Prodigy and AOL. I had constant cut-offs, busy signals, etc. with both of them. I've had nothing but pleasure with scescape.

Thank you all very much.

Ron Henderson

I just spoke with my nephew, he's moved back to Columbia to continue his education. While in Aiken this summer, he got into the internet, via the sevices of Scescape. He's located a new provider, good equipment, great rates, etc. But he says there is one thing missing: SERVICE. They offered little or no help with his initial connection, and none at all for mail and newsgroups. They have no "after hours" support number, and, if my guess is correct, probably their only real interest in the community is their own financial well being.

I hope you all appreciate the guys at Scescape as much as I do. I've had other internet providers, and I know how rare it is to find anyone in any line of business who really cares about the customer, much less the community. Keep up the good work, guys!

Eddie George (Aiken Department of Public Safety)

I have had direct experience (generally bad) with two other IPO's...

Scescape does it right!

I've run service businesses all my life; if SERVICE is not provided, the customers will go somewhere else...

Keep up the good work!


Fred Wright (Equitech Incorporated)

As we move Aiken into the fast lane with great service and attention to detail and customer satisfaction, it is imperative that we all do our best to keep our standards consistently high. I know all the city departments work hard at that - ADPS and public works immediately come to mind. In our agenda packets there are so many letters from individuals who have taken time to write about how these people helped them in outstanding ways. I'm thrilled that our major link between the community and the world (SCESCAPE) shares that standard of service. Keep up the good work!

-Karen Papouchado (City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro-Tem, Aiken, South Carolina)

It has been my personal experience that SCescape is a much more reliable provider and has far better connection speeds than any other provider in our area.

-Richard Campbell (Aiken County Emergency Services)

Let me say you are very much appreciated by everyone on the net. Thanks for the outstanding job and service you have provided. You deserve the accolades and many more

Fitz Bratcher

Ya'll have always been extremely supportive and helpful to me and my friends.



Never a busy signal.
That is a big PLUS. Keep it up!

-The Hawvers

More to come:)

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