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Probe Consultants is dedicated to helping consumers save time and money on their expenses. Our largest division, The Mortgage Medics, specifically helps mortgage-paying homeowners to save tens of thousands of dollars in interest, and cut as much as 10 to 15 years of payments from their mortgage terms. Other money-saving programs available through Probe Consultants can be accessed through our Index Page.

We are currently helping a New Jersey homeowner to save $117,298 and 9 years of payments on his mortgage, for an investment of about 4 cents per day.
Considering his savings, do you think his investment is fair?

For every $1 the aforementioned NJ homeowner spent to enroll on our program, we are saving him almost $400.
Considering his ROI (return on investment), you would agree that his investment is fair, wouldn't you?

Through The Mortgage Medics'  Program, an average client saves a minimum of almost 9 years of mortgage payments and almost $75,000 in mortgage interest savings. This client can customize his program to save even more time and money on his mortgage.

To learn more about your savings potential through our program, you may:

On The Mortgage Medics'  Tour, we:
    - show the mortgage savings attainable through our program, 
    - list the quotes from financial experts regarding this program,
    - reveal the qualifications of the companies behind our program,
    - document cases of lender overcharges of homeowners' mortgages,
    - declare the benefits that only our service can provide.

Discover your savings potential by completing and submitting our no-obligation Free Customized Loan Analysis Request Form.

We guarantee One-Business-Day Turnaround time on all Loan Analysis Requests.

If you have a forms-capable browser, please use our request form.
If you do not have a forms-capable browser, you may submit our text form by E-mail.
Our E-mail address is

If you are "just looking" or are undecided about whether or not to proceed, you can order a Free E-mail Report entitled "5 Ways to Improve Your Mortgage."

If you are a homeowner with a mortgage less than 10 years old, we can save you thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of dollars in mortgage interest, and trim months or years of payments from your mortgage schedule.

If you have questions about any of our programs,
please E-Mail us or call us at (803) 652-1727 (local to Aiken).

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