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This page contains information about
The Mortgage Medics' Online Referral Commission Program©
Copyright © 1996, 1997 Probe Consultants. All Rights Reserved.

NEW! - Referral Sheet to refer clients to The Mortgage Medics.

Learn here how our Featured Clients receive online referral commissions from having their information posted on our Impact page. Our Featured Client:
  • saves money on his mortgage on our program;
  • receives program benefits and exclusive benefits that he could not receive if he prepaid his mortgage by himself;
  • receives Online Referral Commissions according to the terms outlined on this page.
The Mortgage Medics offer 5 different kinds of referral commissions.

  1. Online Referral Commissions

    For Our Clients, when they give us permission to post their names (or an abbreviation of their names) and mortgage information online.

  2. Offline Referral Commissions #1

    For Clients who do or don't want their mortgage information posted online, but refer to us someone offline who consequently becomes a Client.

  3. Offline Referral Commissions #2

    For Non-Clients, or those who cannot take advantage of our Program but refer to us someone who consequently becomes a Client.

  4. Verification Referral Commissions

    For Clients who are willing to be contacted by Would-Be Clients for verification that our Program works as advertised.

  5. Business Referral Commissions

    For Business folk who deal in home/home improvement sales or services, who refer to us people who eventually become our Clients.
    See Business Referrals Section below.

Qualifications for receiving referral commissions:
Referral Plan # 1
Offline # 1
Offline # 2
Referring Person
Must Be a Client
Client Must Allow
His Info to be Posted
Referring Person Must Submit Referred's Name before Referred Enrolls* N Y Y Y Y
Commission Paid Per New Enrollee Referred $10 $25 $25 $2 $30
Featured Client Earns Online Commission When The following 3 Conditions are Met Simultaneously:
  • Potential Client A checks the "Yes" box in the Client Data Influence section of the Free Customized Mortgage Analysis Request Form.
  • Potential Client A checks the "Yes" box during the time that that Featured Client's information is online.
  • Potential Client A consequently enrolls in The Mortgage Savings Program TM through The Mortgage Medics.

*Important: Never at any time will a referral commission be paid retroactively. All referrals must be submitted in oral or written form prior to the enrollment of the referred.

In Addition: In such cases where one referred party is referred by more than one referring party, the referring party who refers first is the one who receives the referral commission. Only one referral commission will be paid per new enrollee. In cases where the referred party has been influenced by more than one referring party, the referred may have to decide who had more influence, and therefore who is more deserving of the referral commission.
The Mortgage Medics assume no responsibility and no liability for the decision of the referred in such cases.

Use: Our Referral Sheet to submit referrals, or our Text Only Referral Sheet to submit referrals by E-mail.

Business Referrals

The Mortgage Medics desires a healthy and mutually beneficial
relationship with businesses that service mortgage-holding homeowners.
These businesses include, but are not limited to, the following:
      • Wedding/Jewelry Stores
      • Loan or Mortgage Brokers
      • Furniture Stores
      • Telephone/Long Distance Companies
      • Utility Companies
      • Home Security Systems Servicers/Installers
      • Home Interiors Stores
      • Window Sales/Installers
      • Cabinet Renovators
      • Carpeting Sales/Installers
      • Home Improvement Stores
      • Paneling and Wallpaper Sales/Installers
      • Landscape Servicers
      • Appliance Sales/Servicers
      • Home Insurance Agencies
      • Builders/Construction Companies
      • Real Estate Brokers/Agents
      • Certified Public Accountants/Tax Preparers

The Advantages of Our Referral Programs
  • Featured Clients earn Online Referral Commissions as outlined above.
  • We do all the work of posting the name and mortgage information; all the Featured Client does is give us permission to use it online.
  • Our Program is the only biweekly/semimonthly mortgage program available that pays such a wide variety of referral commissions; we pay handsomely for information resulting in client enrollments; we make it possible for clients to earn back their entire enrollment fee (and potentially make a profit).
  • The Mortgage Medics are committed to complete customer satisfaction, and saving consumers as much money as possible.
  • Only The Mortgage Medics allow Clients to "earn back" their enrollment fee through a copyrighted Online Referral Commission Program©.
  • All of our Referral Plans are fully guaranteed.

How large is the savings projection for the mortgage of our Featured Client? See our Impact Page.

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