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Save Money on Utility Bills
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Consumers need utility bill audits because:
  • Many national experts conservatively estimate that 70% of all utility bills contain errors which result in overpayments by as much as 30% or more.
  • Without a basic understanding of utility bill concepts and codes, it is difficult to know if your utility bill is correct.
  • Business personnel are so busy with operational demands that in many cases it is no longer practical to review utility bills individually.
  • Most staffs have neither ready access to detailed tariff information, nor an abundance of time to spend in the investigation of suspect billing.

Overpayments on utility bills occur because:
  • Consumers may incorrectly assume that their utility company is charging them the lowest legal rate, as set by their Public Service Commission.
  • Consumers' utility billing may be generated on an estimated basis.
  • Consumers may be unable to decipher the maze of tariffs and computational methods used on their utility bills.
  • Consumers may feel when they receive a suspect utility bill that they have no option except to pay the bill or have service discontinued.

Probe Consultants believes that consumers
have a right to error-free utility bills.
Audits are performed on these types of utility bills:

        • Electricity Bills
        • Gas Bills
        • Water Bills
        • Sewer Bills

If you are interested in obtaining a utility bill audit for your business
or home, submit your request to the appropriate address once:

Commercial Utility Bill Audit

(, Subject=Commercial Utility Bill Audit)

Residential Utility Bill Audit

(, Subject=Residential Utility Bill Audit)

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