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All biweekly/semimonthly mortgage schedule
conversion programs are not created equally.

AAA Financial Corp.    Citibank, F.S.B.

When choosing a biweekly/semimonthly mortgage schedule conversion program to help you save time and money on your mortgage, you need to be assured that your money will be safe.

Some companies offering biweekly/semimonthly conversion programs never tell you which banks they use.  Why?

Every homeowner contemplating biweekly mortgage conversion should ask:

  • What is the best account into which I can place home mortgage funds?
  • What is the track record of assets and growth of the bank where my mortgage funds will be placed?
  • Which company performing conversions to the best account, also offers other services which will profit me most?

The Mortgage Medics' Program offers a money-savings program designed to enable homeowners currently paying mortgages to become debt free years earlier than possible with traditional mortgages.

AAA Financial Corporation

AAA Financial Corporation, founded in 1980, is the leading mortgage pre-payment lender and administrator in the country. Licensed and bonded by the Banking and Finance Department, The Mortgage Savings ProgramTM is highly regulated by Federal Reserve policies, Regulation E, and NACHA rules and regulations.

AAA Financial Corporation is the exclusive marketing arm for The Mortgage Savings ProgramTM. David J. DiNatale, the primary principal of the firm, is the author of Dynamic Money Strategies For Today. He has been in the Financial Services industry for 10 years. Mr. DiNatale is Securities licensed and a Registered Principal with the NASD. He also holds Mortgage Brokers' and Life Insurance Licenses.

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a subsidiary of Citicorp
  • Citibank is one of the nation's largest and safest financial institutions.
  • Citicorp, at present, is the second largest bank in the United States. This information was obtained via BanxQuote on April 21, 1997.
  • Citibank had an income of $3.8 billion, up $324 million from 1995 and operates 3,400+ offices in 98 countries and territories. Their assets total $290.4 billion, with equity totalling $20.8 billion.
  • In Euromoney magazine's annual awards for excellence among banks worldwide in 1996, Citibank has been voted the Best Bank overall for the second year running. In addition, it was named the Best Emerging Markets Bank -- also a repeat of its 1995 success. In total, the bank received 39 awards, 30 of which were individual country awards, more than any other financial institution.
  • Euromoney highlighted "Citibank's unrivalled franchise" and described 1995 as a "strikingly good year for performance." The magazine also refers to Citibank's core consumer business and its "strong brand image of efficient, convenient, high-quality banking - or 'Citibanking' ". In emerging markets, Euromoney says Citibank "has an unrivalled ability to deliver both complex and simple wholesale banking products, from cash management for oil companies in central Asia to currency trading services for local banks in Vietnam."
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