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      1. The Mortgage Medics Sound an Alarm!
      2. The Mortgage Medics: Lenders & Biweeklies
      3. Financial Experts Commend Mortgage Program
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        • Money Magazine
      4. The Advantages of a Biweekly Schedule
      5. The Powers Behind The Mortgage Medics' Program
      6. The Mortgage Medics' $1,000 Savings Guarantee ©
      7. The Impact of Our Program on Your Mortgage
      8. The Mortgage Medics' Discounts
      9. How We're Different, and Why
      10. The Mortgage Medics' Generous Referral Commission Programs
      11. Free Customized Mortgage Analysis Request
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Probe Consultants assists consumers in the rapid payoff of their loans, through principal prepayment, automatic electronic debiting, annual loan audit, and exclusive benefits not found in other biweekly and semimonthly loan reduction programs, including a $1,000 savings guarantee, a secure loan analysis request form, and one-business day turnaround time on loan analysis requests.   Start The Mortgage Medics' Tour.

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