Save on Loans
Pay off and Protect Your Residential or
Commercial Loan Faster, Easier

Your Program Benefits:
  1. Complete Customization - allows you to choose from almost unlimited options the repayment type and speed of your choice;
  2. Save Money - thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest can be saved, depending on your loan;
  3. Save Time - years of loan payments can be eliminated depending on your situation, need, and desire;
  4. Automated Electronic Payment System - virtually eliminates check writing, USPS mail delays, and huge late fees;
  5. Annual Loan Audit1 - finds and fixes lender errors; especially helpful for holders of Adjustable Rate Loans and those whose loans have been sold; protects loan holder from interest rate miscalculations and loan overcharges;
  6. Updated Loan Amortization Schedule2 - shows your loan's payoff progress.
  7. Refinancing Cost Analysis3 - determines if refinancing your loan makes sense;   1,2,3 - available upon request.
  8. Customized Loan Analysis - a personalized document ($35 value) sent to you by E-Mail details time and money savings projected for your residential or commercial real estate loan (see our Request Form for details).
  9. Unique Capabilities - ours is the only loan service program available that guarantees both principal prepayment, and loan interest savings.

Our Loan Service Savings Projections Exceed $2.50 Million!

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How much do you think a program containing all
of the benefits described above would be worth?

How much would a program that could save you tens of
thousands of dollars in loan interest be worth to you?

One gentleman from Aiken, SC, estimated the worth of our program as 5% of his loan amount. Consider all of these great attributes:

Save on Loans Program:

No one who signs up for our service is "average," yet an average residential client will save over $117,000 in interest payments on our program. With savings like these, how can you afford not to get these benefits? Our rates are among the lowest in the industry!
  • Residential loans - $395
  • Commercial loans - 1% x Projected Interest Savings
  • Other loans - $295


Earn referral commissions of up to 25% of our enrollment fee!

Attention Real Estate Sales Professionals:   Please examine the multiple benefits to your company of being one of our Business Referral Commission Partners.

Attention Potential Referral Commission Earners:   Please examine our Referral Form to see how easy it is to submit referrals, to earn referral commissions.

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Probe Consultants assists consumers to save time and money on their their residential or commercial real estate property through the rapid payoff of loans, utilizing principal prepayment, automatic electronic debiting, and annual loan audit; exclusive benefits not found in other biweekly and semimonthly loan reduction programs include a secure loan analysis request form, and one-business day turnaround time on loan analysis requests.

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