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Lenders, Loans, and Biweekly Mortgages
Therefore, encouraging homeowners to prepay mortgages biweekly (to reduce mortgage interest over time) is not in the Lenders' best interest.

Some Facts about Loans

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Biweekly mortgage schedules help homeowners:

Converting your mortgage to a biweekly schedule
is in Your best interest.

NOTE: A biweekly mortgage "schedule" is not the same thing as a biweekly mortgage; a biweekly mortgage schedule simulates a biweekly mortgage, but does not keep the mortgage from being bought and sold by some organizations as a regular biweekly mortgage can.

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The Cost of Lender Conversion to a Biweekly Schedule

Lender conversion of a non-biweekly loan to a biweekly schedule usually requires refinancing and re-qualifying, at a cost to the homeowner of about $4,000 to $6,000.

Why spend thousands of dollars to refinance when you can convert your home mortgage to a money-saving biweekly schedule for only the cost of a one-time fee?

Free Customized Mortgage Analysis

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Probe Consultants assists consumers in the rapid payoff of their loans, through principal prepayment, automatic electronic debiting, annual loan audit, and exclusive benefits not found in other biweekly and semimonthly loan reduction programs, including a $1,000 savings guarantee, a secure loan analysis request form, and one-business day turnaround time on loan analysis requests.   This page is part of The Mortgage Medics' Tour.

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