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Special Topic on this page: Our Featured Client.

Traditional bank loan amortization schedules are designed to allow banks to make the maximum amount of money at the beginning of the loan. The Biweekly or Semimonthly mortgage schedule, available through The Mortgage Medics, enables homeowners to guarantee that prepayments are made toward mortgage principal, thereby reducing mortgage terms and out-of-pocket interest charges.

Compare the payoff rates and interest paid on traditional bank loans versus our program's mortgage schedules below.

The Featured Client Data Section
New Sign    Our Current Featured Client is J.Y.
J.Y. has been paying on a $236,000 mortgage for 40 months.
The mortgage terms are: 7.5%, fixed rate, 30-year.

The following table shows how much J.Y. would pay to the bank
over 30 years, versus what will be spent following conversion of the mortgage to a Biweekly schedule through The Mortgage Medics.

How much time and money will J.Y. save by converting
the current mortgage to a biweekly mortgage schedule through
The Mortgage Medics?

Client Info for J.Y.

Simplified Amortization Info for J.Y.

Summarized Amortization Info for J.Y.

Note: J.Y. saves an average of $465 every month during the entire 21 year mortgage term. How much can you save on your mortgage?

Free Mortgage Analysis

The Mortgage Medics' Program converts traditional bank mortgages (such as 30-year fixed mortgages), to a biweekly or semimonthly mortgage schedule (depending on your preference).

What would you expect to pay for a package containing valuable services that saves homeowners tens of thousands of dollars?
  • Some companies charge fees of 1% or more of the interest saved over the mortgage term. (For example, a 1.5% fee on interest savings of $125,000 would net the company $1875.)
  • Some companies charge a flat fee of $500.
Source: The New York Times, October 22, 1988

Both fees, the percentage fee and the flat fee, are reasonable,
considering the savings and investment returns delivered.

The Mortgage Medics' Program is a unique combination of services, including many exclusive differences. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction, and saving consumers as much money as possible.

Through The Mortgage Medics' Program, clients can literally earn back their entire enrollment fee, and make a profit from our Referral Commission Programs.

No matter how great your savings, the standard one-time enrollment fee to obtain all of the valuable services described on our pages, is just $395. Discounts on our standard enrollment fee are available every day. Every person who requests a Free Customized Mortgage Analysis has the opportunity to claim a discount.

Our Featured Clients save more money in interest in just a few months on The Mortgage Medics' Program than the entire cost of the enrollment fee. (And they continue to save this amount every month during the entire time they pay on their homes.)

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