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This page describes the following exclusive feature of
The Mortgage Medics' Program:

We guarantee* mortgage interest savings
of at least $1,000.00 to our clients.

*Guarantee is governed by outlined terms below.

Terms of The Mortgage Medics'
One Thousand Dollars Savings Guarantee ©
  • The Mortgage Medics' One Thousand Dollars Savings Guarantee © (herein referred to as Guarantee) is made to all clients upon enrollment in our program.
  • The intent (part 1) of The Mortgage Medics' Guarantee is to show that $1,000.00 is the minimum amount of interest that a client will save on his mortgage through our program.
  • The intent (part 2) of The Mortgage Medics' Guarantee is to show a prospective client that if we cannot save him at least $1,000.00 on his mortgage, we will not enroll him in our program (even if it means we lose business because of it).
  • The intent (part 3) of The Mortgage Medics' Guarantee is to show a prospective client that his enrollment fee is a great mortgage "investment" (with a fast return).
  • The Mortgage Medics' Guarantee does not prevent the saving of additional interest dollars during our client's mortgage.
  • The Mortgage Medics' Guarantee incorporates what is known as a Savings Guarantee Period.
  • The Savings Guarantee Period will be customized for each client, just as the Free Customized Mortgage Analysis is, and will vary depending upon the enrollment date of the client in The Mortgage Medics' Program.
  • Client must acknowledge that the Savings Guarantee Period and the amount of interest money saved each month will vary from client to client, and from month to month.
  • The Mortgage Medics are solely responsible for setting the Savings Guarantee Period for each client on an individual basis.
  • The Mortgage Medics' Guarantee shows that the $1,000 interest saved during the Savings Guarantee Period is based on average monthly savings, as calculated in the Free Customized Mortgage Analysis. (See Example below.)
  • Clients need to understand that The Mortgage Medics' Guarantee cannot and will not remain in place in certain cases.
  • The Mortgage Medics' Guarantee shall be in force only for those clients who accept all of the terms outlined on this page.

Derivation of a Client's "Savings Guarantee Period"

The following table is also shown on our Impact Page.

Summarized Amortization Info for J.Y.
This information is transferred into a "Customized Savings Guarantee Period Schedule". The bottom line of the Schedule shows the number of months to be referred to as the "Savings Guarantee Period" for this client, depending on which payment schedule is chosen.
Customized Savings Guarantee Period Schedule for J.Y.

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The occurence of certain events necessarily make void
The Mortgage Medics' One Thousand Dollars Savings Guarantee©.
These occurences may include, but are not limited to:
1. The sale of the home;
2. The transfer of the home;
3. The destruction of the home by natural or unnatural causes;
4. Any other event or transaction that prevents mortgage payments, principal prepayment, or the saving of mortgage interest on one's mortgage.