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Summary of Our Differences

Difference #1 - Referral Commissions

The Mortgage Medics offers the widest range of referral commissions in the mortgage reduction industry.

Difference #2 - Discount on Enrollment Fee

The Mortgage Medics offers a large discount to all potential clients.

Difference #3 - One Business-Day Turnaround Time

The Mortgage Medics guarantees One Business-Day Turnaround time on all Free Customized Mortgage Analyses.

Difference #4 - Savings Guarantee

Only The Mortgage Medics offers clients a $1,000 Mortgage Savings Guarantee©.

Difference #5 - Free E-Mail Report

Probe Consultants offers a Free E-Mail Report

Difference #6 - Your Choice of Online Request Forms:

  • Secure Mortgage Analysis Request Form
  • Regular Mortgage Analysis Request Form

Free Customized Mortgage Analysis

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Probe Consultants assists consumers in the rapid payoff of their loans, through principal prepayment, automatic electronic debiting, annual loan audit, and exclusive benefits not found in other biweekly and semimonthly loan reduction programs, including a $1,000 savings guarantee, a secure loan analysis request form, and one-business day turnaround time on loan analysis requests.   This page is part of The Mortgage Medics' Tour.

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