The Save on Loans Program
Compare Us with our Competition

We have carefully studied our competition, and we welcome the comparison between our program and theirs.

When evaluating biweekly and semimonthly loan/mortgage program companies, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Are the affiliated companies clearly identified?
  2. What is the stability and profitability of the program's bank?
  3. Is the originator of the program a licensed loan/mortgage lender regulated by the banking department of its home state?
  4. Who administers the program: an internal department or an external company?
  5. If the administrator of the program is an external company, what is that company's reliability and track record?
  6. What is the base price of the service?
  7. If the service is free, who is paying for the servicing?
  8. If a bank is paying for the loan/mortgage service, what is the bank's real interest in saving you money?
  9. How much are the EFT fees?
  10. Does the service absolutely prevent payments from being made late?
  11. If the service does not prevent late payments, what system is in place for paying late fees and correcting your credit report?
  12. Is lifetime loan/mortgage auditing included in the program?
  13. Is there any additional fee (flat or contingency) for performing loan/mortgage audits?
  14. How often is a loan/mortgage audit conducted?
  15. Who is conducting the loan/mortgage audit?
  16. If you have to conduct your own loan/mortgage audit, can you guarantee you will perform it correctly?
  17. If you have to conduct your own loan/mortgage audit, can you guarantee that errors and overcharges that occur on your loan/mortgage will be corrected and/or refunded to you?
  18. Is an E-mail address clearly made available so you can ask questions?
  19. Is a telephone number clearly made available so you can ask questions?
  20. What are the credentials of the company's principals?
  21. Which is emphasized: "agent recruiting" or "loan/mortgage servicing"?
  22. Does the company continually update and add new information to their website to help loan/mortgage-paying homeowners?
  23. Is the program Multi-Level Marketing in nature?
  24. If the program is an MLM, is your support from people schooled in banking procedures, amortization schedules, and loan/mortgage auditing?

Concerning the loan/mortgage program you may be considering, do you know the answers to all of the preceding questions? Placing your loan/mortgage on a program without knowing the answers to all of these questions may be putting your loan/mortgage in jeopardy.

When placed side by side with other biweekly and semimonthly loan/mortgage programs, The Save on Loans Program is clearly superior. If you need information about our program not supplied elsewhere on our site, please write to

Nobody takes a risk with the biggest investment of his or her life.
To see how much time and money you can save on The Save on Loans Program, request a $35 value Customized Loan Analysis.

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Probe Consultants assists consumers in the rapid payoff of their loans, through principal prepayment, automatic electronic debiting, annual loan audit, and exclusive benefits not found in other biweekly and semimonthly loan reduction programs, including a $1,000 savings guarantee, a secure loan analysis request form, and one-business day turnaround time on loan analysis requests.

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