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The Minimum Monthly Payment Blues
  • Fact: The time required to pay off half of the original borrowed amount on a traditional 30 year bank mortgage is about 24 years.
  • Fact: A monthly amortization schedule for a typical 30 year bank loan shows that that part of the monthly payment which repays principal starts to be larger than that part which goes to interest, around or after the 22nd Year.
  • Fact: The front end of a mortgage is interest-heavy and the first part of the loan repayment process does not build equity quickly.
  • Fact: Homebuyers who are concerned only with making minimum monthly mortgage payments may not realize that they are paying for that privilege.
  • Fact: Mortgage holders pay lenders interest for the privilege of having the borrowed amount (principal) outstanding.
  • Fact: It makes sense for mortgage holders to repay principal as fast as possible.
  • Fact: Mortgage holders whose mortgages do not prohibit them from doing so may prepay mortgage principal themselves.
  • Fact: Statistics show that over 97% of mortgage holders who begin to prepay mortgage principal themselves fail to continue prepaying beyond 12 months.
  • Fact: Documentation shows that some lenders have been known to delay application of extra principal to mortgages by as much as, or more than, 30 days after payments are processed.
  • Fact: A reliable program that prepays mortgage principal automatically makes sense for many mortgage holders.

What The Mortgage Medics' Program Provides:

  • The Biweekly (or Semimonthly) Payment Schedule (ensures mortgage principal prepayment),
  • The updated Loan Amortization Schedule (informs you of your mortgage payoff progress),
  • The Annual Mortgage Audit (details any delayed application of payment to mortgage principal or rate miscalculations by your lender on Adjustable Rate Mortgages), and
  • The Refinancing Cost Analysis (shows whether or not refinancing your mortgage makes good sense).

    The Refinancing Cost Analysis will show you:
    • How much refinancing will cost,
    • When you will "break even,"
    • How much money you will save, and
    • The best combination of interest rate and points.

The biweekly/semimonthly mortgage schedule
has helped thousands of homeowners just like you to:

  • Save tens of thousands of dollars in mortgage interest.
  • Build home equity faster than possible with traditional mortgages.
  • Become "mortgage-free" as many as 9 to 15 years early.
  • Simplify mortgage payments through electronic debiting.
  • Add extra dollars to payments to save even more money.
  • Pay the mortgage payment automatically on its due date.
  • Add the equivalent of 1 extra monthly payment per year, to principal.
  • Increase net worth.

The biweekly schedule works by:

  • Halving your present monthly payment into 2 equal parts.
  • Electronically debiting your account for each half-payment once every 2 weeks, and placing it in a trust account at Our Bank.
  • Paying your mortgage payment for you on your due date.
  • Adding the equivalent of one extra monthly payment per year to your mortgage (one year contains 26, 2-week periods; 26 half-payments translates into 13 monthly payments).
  • Applying one half-payment directly to principal approximately every 6 months.
  • Giving you the option to add to every half-payment a set amount of extra dollars (which is applied directly to your principal).
  • Building your equity as your principal is reduced.

Our Program Requires:
  • No Refinancing Fees
  • No Credit Report
  • No Home Appraisal
  • No Closing Costs
  • No Change of Lender
  • No Change to Your Current Mortgage Contract

While there are many companies that can put your mortgage on a biweekly or semimonthly schedule, The Mortgage Medics' Program is the only one with exclusive benefits not found anywhere else.

We provide proof of how our Featured Clients are:

Nobody wants to spend up to 30 years paying for a mortgage when he can be mortgage free years earlier, and save thousands of dollars through a process lauded by financial experts all across the United States and Canada .

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