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    Is there a minimum time charged for each call I make?
  Yes - for domestic calls, there is an 18 second minimum (5 ¢);
for international calls, there is a 30 second minimum;
calls to Mexico are billed in whole minute increments.

    How do I use my ATCARDSM?
  Simply dial a toll free number from a touchtone phone. You'll be guided by verbal prompts to enter your nine digit card number, followed by the phone number you are calling.

    ATCARDSM sounds too good to be true. Are there any hidden fees?
  None at all. Most cards have either a call surcharge, a monthly fee, or a monthly minimum purchase required. ATCARDSM has no fees, no minimums, absolutely no hidden charges at all. If you don't use it, you pay nothing. When you do use it, you enjoy the lowest calling card rate going!

    Who can obtain the ATCARDSM?
  The ATCARDSM is issued to folks who have a United States billing address, a valid credit card, and a Social Security Number.

    Why does the application ask for my Social Security Number?
  To check your credit history. Since ATCARDSM is not a prepaid card, it is an extension of credit.

    What will ATCARD do with my credit card information?
  Your credit card information is placed on file for backup purposes only. If your bill is unpaid after thirty days, your credit card will be charged the amount owed.

    I want to distribute ATCARDSM. What is required to become an agent?
  There is a small refundable fee to become an agent, and you will earn a percentage of your customers' usage every month. Email for complete information.

    What are ATCARDSM international rates?
  All international rates are the same 24 hr./day, have no surcharge, and are timed in six second increments, with a thirty second minimum (except for calls to Mexico, which are billed in whole minute increments). Click here for complete ATCARDSM International Rates.

   Which Professional Phone Bill Auditors use the ATCARDSM Calling Card?
  Probe Consultants, based in Aiken, SC, and TeleCom Consultants, based in Nashville, TN, use and recommend the ATCARDSM to their clients.

    You didn't cover my question!
  Email your request to us. We'll answer it promptly.

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