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NetAddict is dedicated to offering the most reliable web hosting and e-mail services on the Internet. We provide the most up-to-date Web hosting features, available from Java, Perl, C/C++ compilers, mSQL, to the secure Netscape Commerce servers.

NetAddict hosts our websites on our state of the art Silicon Graphics machines.

netaddictWhats New??

Netaddict is constantly upgrading its servers and services for our clients. Check out our latest additions at What's New.

netaddict  NetAddict Reliability:

With millions of people on the internet downloading streaming audio and Java applets, you need a service you can depend on to provide you with the bandwith required to host your website

netaddict NetAddict Referral Program:

By referring new clients to NetAddict you earn credit on your account. For each new virtual client you refer to us you receive 1 month credit towards your account! For more info check out our referral page!

Reseller Program:

You can become a NetAddict Reseller! By joining our reseller program you can resell NetAddict virtual servers and collect up to 50% of your clients servers! For more info on this program please visit our reseller page.

netaddict NetAddict Logo Program:

By placing the netaddict logo on your home page, you can earn up to a $20 discount each month on your netaddict account! Joining the program is as simple as adding one line of code to your html page.
As an added benefit, logo members receive @X beta web news monthly website summary reports for free.

Special introductory offer

For just $30 a month our @X beta 1 Account provides:

  • Virtual Domain ""
  • T1 link to the Internet
  • 15 Megs of disk space for WWW/FTP and email
  • Telnet/FTP Account, ability to receive email under your domain.
  • Web server access log
  • Support staff from 9am to 9pm Monday-Friday EST
  • Full access to CGI


NetAddict Additional Services:

  • @X beta 2 Account $45/month-NCSA httpd 1.5.2-hosted 25Meg of web space
  • @X beta 3 Account $70/month-NCSA httpd 1.5.2-hosted 50Meg of web space
  • @X beta 4 Account$95/month-NCSA httpd 1.5.2-hosted 75Meg of web space
  • @X beta 5 Account$100/month-Netsite (Enterprise) server $100/month 50M
  • @X beta 6 Account$115/month - Netsite with 75M
  • Virtual Domain Mailing List $25/month
  • <"dedicated/index.html">Dedicated Server $350/Month
  • @X beta web news $20/year


Addict (Page:20)

Ad*dict" (#), p. p. Addicted; devoted. [Obs.]

1. To apply habitually; to devote; to habituate; -- with to.

They addict themselves to the civil law." Evelyn

He is addicted to his study. Beau. Fl.

His genius addicted him to the study of antiquity. Fuller.

2. To adapt; to make suitable; to fit. [Obs.]

The land about is exceedingly addicted to wood, but the coldness of the place hinders the growth. Evelyn.

Syn. -- Addict, Devote, Consecrate, Dedicate.


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