Last modified Saturday, 13-May-2000 19:16:19 EDT


System Status

Mail Service. 1:10am up 159 days, 11:40, 3 users, load average: 0.24, 0.39, 0.25


DNS Service

Web Service. Normal.
News/NNTP Normal.
Aiken/North Augusta Authentication/Login Normal.
Other Cities Authentication. Normal.
Backbone. Normal.



5.13.2000 Our call center is experiencing line troubles. When it rains, it pours.



Some users will be getting telephone company recordings dialing into Aiken and North Augusta. The details: main trunk group of Deltacom's lines (including ours and Mindspring's) are correctly functioning. When the main trunk groups are full, though, the tandem takes over and Bellsouth has misconfigured local dialtone to pass this to Atlanta, Georgia. This is almost humorous....but not quite.
03.29.2000 In order to serve you better, we've moved our call center to a new location! The new tech support number is 1-877-465-4738.
1.1.2000 If anyone is getting "all circuits are busy" messages dialing 803-489-3784 it is important to let us know so we can report them and get them corrected. Some are being caused because the local telco is sending your phone number to our vendor without the area code attached, which generates an error.
10.17.99 Trouble on Aiken and North Augusta lines. Some customers are getting a recording asking them to call an 800 number or simply getting dead air. We are investigating the trouble.
07.27.99 We have begun the final phase of the transition to new numbers. 803-489-3784 is the main number, 803-617-3784 a secondary number for Aiken/North Augusta, SC ; 803-227-3784 is the new number for Columbia. Until the changeover is 100% complete (8/15) occasional busies may be experienced.
06.17.99 Columbia, SC, Charleston/Greenville. Customers logging into these areas may experience surreal sluggishness in performance or outright outages. PSI is working to correct a major problem in their hub; ETR given was 16:30
05.17.99 One PRI circuit (23 channels) in our Aiken SC Bellsouth (8036412800) hunt group has died. It began reading errors Saturday morning 03:37am and has completely ceased functioning now. No ETA yet.
04.20.99 We will be doing upgrades and security enhancements to the mail server. You may see some interruption of service but it is unlikely. -dm 1838
04.09.99 All mail servers and user web directories should be functioning normally. -dm 16:20
04.08.99 Primary mail server is back online and accepting mail. During the re-transitioning to the primary, you may need to reboot to clear your computer's perceptions of the world in the morning. User web pages will be offline until tonight as we test the integrity of all files. You may still see some irregularity until all routing is cleared. -dm 16:55
04.07.99 Primary mail server has crashed - replacement being built and should be available to send and receive e-mail by 7:00 pm 4/7/99. Reboot your computer if you cannot connect to it. We will have a full replacement by tomorrow afternoon; no data is expected to be lost as we have backups and no physical drive damage is evident. All backups are working normally -dm 15:04
04.07.99 North Augusta capacity has been doubled and appears to be working.
04.04.99 Primary mail server up and running again. We will be dumping mail off of the backup mail server shortly so all mail sent should be to you within a few minutes. -dm 15:04
04.04.99 The Primary mail server is down for emergency maintenance. No mail is lost, this will be a temporary outage of twenty minutes as we perform the maintenance. -dm 14:30
03.27.99 Columbia, SC - 7797248 is giving occasional circuits busy. Vendor has been contacted and is making upgrades to alleviate congestion, no ETR available yet. Columbia customers, in the interim, please use 254-2220
03.26.99 All dialin equipment in Aiken has been reset; all circuits deactivated and reactivated from our side as of 0115am -dm.
03.25.99 We will be performing a proactive reset on our equipment at 000 on 03/26/99. Customers on 8036412800 at this time will experience a disconnect.
03.24.99 Circuit busies and call blocking/dead air on 8036412800. Call in to vendor - they confirm vendor has a problem with their switch capacity and it is blocking our calls.
03.23.99 Urgent configuration change in cities outside of Aiken/North Augusta. We have had to change your phone number for access and the procedure for dialing in. Please call our Network Office at 888-334-3195 for all inquiries about the number changes.
03.22.99 Authentification failures outside Aiken/North Augusta. We are looking into the source for these problems.
03.01.99 Busy signals on 6412800 and 2792045. We have suspended signups - new capacity is on order for these numbers.


1.6-1.7.00 North Augusta number (803 489 3784) and Columbia numbers will be out of service for a brief period while we install our new access servers. This should alleviate any disconnect issues.
12.7.99-12.15.99 Final Y2K updates may briefly affect operations on e-mail and web services.
08.20.99 An upgrade to our SuperPOP router may briefly interrupt services. Time TBA.
08.15.99 All services to 803-641-2800 and 803-279-2045 will cease to work on 8/15/99.
08.01.99 New Aiken number: 617-3784. All services on 641-2800 will be terminated by 8/13/99. From 7/1/99 - 8/1/99 we will be turning off pieces of 641-2800 and moving that equipment to the new number.
08.01.99 Columbia phone number change! Change your Columbia phone number to 227-3784 and you can now login normally with your DueSouth Networks username and password - no more ix/dues-...
04.20.99 Upgrades to our POP and SMTP servers through 1900 tomorrow. Some interruption of service is possible, but not likely. If you cannot connect to mail servers, it is advised to quit and re-open your mail client, or your computer.