• 5-19-97-Over the next two months we will begin the next step in our plans to offer the best internet access available. Right now we are connected into the internet via a "T1" connection. Where your phone line is like a faucet...u could imagine a T1 like a river. Within the next two months we will be upgrading to what is called a 3MB connection. To compare the two...imagine the T1 as a river and a 3MB as Lake Michigan:-) Not only will this increase bandwidth, but it will also place us one step away from MAE East...which is the gateway into the internet. This will have the effect of you being able to connect to sites on the web faster than ever before, as they will be closer than ever before. We are very excited about this new upgrade and we hope you will be too.

  • 1-24-97- We have internalized a new system for our virtual servers. NetAddict will house our virtual clients, improving performance for both our dial-up clients and our virtual clients.

  • 1-24-97- The circuit busies should be corrected now. Bell South moved us to our own circuit to eliminate the problem. Please let us know if you experience these problems again.

  • 1-22-97- We have run into a problem with Bell South and "circuit busies". This is when the phone companies circuits become so overloaded with phone calls it causes busy signals. We have been in contact, and will continue to be in contact with Bell South until the problem is corrected.

  • 12-16-96- The SCescape Members for sale Catalogue is online! Buy or sell your personal items through these pages!

  • 12-11-96- Powerstart is up and running. It will allow you to create a personalized desktop in a web format using Netscape. Create your Powerstart page today!

  • 12-7-96- We will be out of the office all day on Saturday. Please leave a message on the answering machine and we will get back to you.

  • 12-5-96- If you wish to have your web page added to the directory on Aiken Net contact Brad

  • 12-4-96- We have added an e-mail directory. This will allow you to place your e-mail address for others to find, or to search for others e-mail addresses. If you would like to add your e-mail click here

  • 12-4-96- We have moved and redesigned the main SCescape com page. The new page is now at Southern Cities Dot Com

  • 12-4-96- We are getting to the point where we are going to have to upgrade again. Please notify us if you experience any busy signals. We are staying on top of the situation and will be adding more lines soon.

  • 12-4-96- The Quake server is up and running! For more info on Quake check out The Quake Page!

  • 12-3-96- Be sure to check out the Aiken Chamber of Commerce!! We have recently updated their pages.

  • 12-2-96- We have added a basic news service to the web site. Headline Financial, Sports and General news topics will be posted daily. Some of the articles that the headlines link to are pay-per-view or premium articles. In order to read those specific articles you will have to join the news service and pay a subscription fee. The articles notated as "basic" articles are free to read, however you must still join the service...but there will be no charge.

  • 12-2-96- Be sure to check out the Holidays Page!. With info for all during this holiday season, as well as links to many different Christmas Web Sites!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all our wonderful customers!!!

  • 11/27 - Due to extreme popular demand we have decided to revert back to the old look of SCescape Net. We appreciate everyones feedback on the new site, but everyone just loves our old logo...

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