We know how irritating it can be...slow speeds...disconnects...or just plain not connecting at all! Modems can be the trickiest, most aggravating devices, yet they are essential for any internet user to connect to their account. On top of that, the cost of upgrading your modem can sometimes be tight on the budget. This is why we have decided to begin the SCescape Modem Program. We will subsidize a modem for our existing customers over a 3 month period of time. To qualify you must:

  • be an existing customer of SCescape for at least 3 months.
  • be experiencing problems with your current modem that cannot be overcome by our tech staff.
  • be willing to take our reccomendations on the type of modem to purchase.

    We will subsidize the modem and install it if needed at no additional cost. We will be making no money from subsidizing these modems. The modem program is purely conceived for the benefit of our customers and no one else. If you are having problems with your modem and would like to try the modem program, please contact us