Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlantic.Net?
Atlantic.Net is a full-featured Internet access service that offers subscribers a variety of on-line connections, communication features and information, all in one convenient package.

How much does it cost?
Accounts start at just $9.95 a month for 10 hours of access.   Please click here for more information about all of our account options and services.  After reviewing this information you can even sign up on-line.

How can I pay for my service?
For the convenience of our customers, Atlantic.Net offers three methods of payment:

  • Credit card:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted
  • Direct bank debit:  We can debit the monthly service fees directly from your bank account
  • Quarterly invoicing:  You may pay your account by check in 3-month increments.

Save up to $30 by pre-paying one year in advance, or save $10 by pre-paying for six months.

How does the 30-day money-back guarantee work?
If you are not satisfied with your Atlantic.Net service within the first 30 days, we will issue a credit to your account for the basic monthly fee for your chosen payment plan. The money-back guarantee is available only if:

  • Within 30 days after establishing your Atlantic.Net account, you call 1-800-921-9328 to request the credit and cancel your account;
  • You have not violated the Acceptable Use Policy; and
  • You or someone else in your household has not previously received a credit from this money-back guarantee offer or canceled a Atlantic.Net account during any previous free trial or other promotional service period.

Click here for more information.

How big is the e-mail box that comes with my subscription?
Atlantic.Net e-mail boxes have 4 MB of capacity.

Can I get an extra e-mail box?
Yes, additional mailboxes are $4.95 per box per month, each with 4 MB's of space on the mail server.

Does the unlimited access plan mean I can stay on all the time?
Subscribers to "unlimited access" plans for dial users may make reasonable use of the service without paying more based on hourly usage. These plans are not intended to provide full-time connections, however, and the service may be disconnected after a significant period of inactivity or after sessions of excessive length. Subscribers should keep the connection open only when actively using it, and may not use any automatic method to avoid inactivity disconnect. Subscribers may not provide public or commercial information over such dial connections. Atlantic.Net does offer dedicated connection services for such purposes. More information on full-time connection services can be found here.

Does Atlantic.Net offer 56K* access?
Yes, 56Kbps access is available for no additional charge in most Atlantic.Net cities. Click here for a list of Atlantic.Net cities offering 56Kbps access.

What is the highest connection speed* supported?
56Kbps* and 64Kbps ISDN are available in most cities at no additional charge. 128Kbps ISDN is also available in these same cities.  All other cities have 33.6Kbps modems.

Can I put up my own home page?
Yes, 5 MB's of Web space is included with every Unlimited access plan.  Additional space can be purchased in 5 MB blocks for $5 per month.  More information on uploading your homepage can be found here.  Or click here for more information on our Corporate Web packages.

What is the Member Services Department?
Member Services is Atlantic.Net's customer care call center.  Representatives are available seven days a week to answer questions about your bill, solve a technical problem and sign up new members to the Atlantic.Net service.

When is Member Services Available?
Helpful, friendly technical support is available toll-free seven days a week at 1-800-921-9328.  Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, excluding major holidays.

Where is the Atlantic.Net service available?
The Atlantic.Net service is available in select cities.  Click here for a complete list.

What type of computer do I need to use the Atlantic.Net service?
You will need a personal computer with the following minimum requirements:

Windows 3.x
486 PC-compatible processor
16 MB of RAM (recommended)
28.8 kbps  modem (14.4 minimum)
10 MB available hard disk space

Windows 95/NT 4.0
486 PC-compatible processor
16 MB of RAM (recommended)
28.8 kbps  modem (14.4 minimum)
10 MB available hard disk space
System 7.5 or higher
16 MB of RAM (recommended)
28.8 kbps  modem (14.4 minimum)
10 MB of free disk space

Can I use my Macintosh to connect to the service?
Macintosh software is available from Atlantic.Net. Go to the Software page to download Netscape Communicator

What browser will I get with the Atlantic.Net service?
Currently, Atlantic.Net distributes Netscape Communicator version 4.5.

Can I use a different browser than Netscape with the Atlantic.Net service?
Yes.  After your computer is configured to connect to Atlantic.Net, you are free to install and run any other Web browsers you choose.   However, at this time our technical support department can only provide assistance for Netscape Communicator.

What if I already have Internet Explorer on my computer?
If your computer already has a version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and the Internet Connection Wizard, you may contact our Member Services Department at 1-800- 921-9328 to manually set up your system to connect to the Internet (Win 95/98/NT users only).  All others must use our software kit, available here.

Is the software hard to install?
We have simplified the installation process as much as possible.  The software itself consists of one CD-ROM  with easy-to-follow off-line and on-line instructions. Or, you can download directly from this site. Our Member Services Department is available seven days a week to answer your questions.

What if I don't have a CD-ROM drive?
If you don't have a CD-ROM drive to install our software you may request a simplified version of our installation kit on 3.5" diskettes.   This version includes an alternate browser compatible with your specific operating system.  Simply call Member Services at 1-800-921-9328 to request this software.

Do I need a separate phone line to use the service?
A separate line is only necessary if you want to keep your original phone line clear to place or receive calls during your on-line sessions.

Does Atlantic.Net provide access to newsgroups?
Yes. The Atlantic.Net service currently lists over 21,000 active Newsgroups.  These groups are updated continuously 24-hours a day.

What does the Atlantic.Net service do to help parents control children's access to objectionable material on the Internet?
Atlantic.Net helps direct customers to some of the best site blocking resources on the Internet. Please visit our Content Advisory page for more information.

Does Atlantic.Net offer ISDN service?
Access via single B-channel 64Kbps dial-up ISDN is now available on the Atlantic.Net service at no additional charge above the current dial-up pricing plans. 128K dial-up ISDN is available for an additional monthly fee.  For a list of which Atlantic.Net cities support ISDN connections, click here. Interested subscribers are responsible for monthly ISDN line connectivity, available through the local telephone company.

Where is Atlantic.Net located?
The Atlantic.Net corporate offices and Network Operations Center (NOC) are located in Gainesville, Florida. Please visit our Contact page for more information, directions and phone numbers. For a list of local access numbers, please click here.

What is a POP?

POP stands for point-of-presence.  This is the physical location where Atlantic.Net maintains its modems, routers, terminal servers and other equipment necessary for you to connect to the Internet from your local calling area.  When you dial-in to Atlantic.Net, you are actually calling a number directed to this POP and from there, onto our network and out onto the Internet itself.

What is SPAM?

SPAM is unwanted junk e-mail sent to your electronic mailbox.   SPAM can be an annoyance to members but is a serious problem for Internet service providers because of the sheer volume of it traversing the various networks, clogging up the "pipelines" coming into the servers and routers.  Atlantic.Net's Acceptable Use Policy specifically prohibits SPAM from being sent from anywhere on it's network.

The federal and various state governments have passed laws to restrict SPAM, but they are still in the early stages of enforcement.  For more information on SPAM and ways to protect yourself from it, please click here.

How do I request the addition of a new newsgroup?
Atlantic.Net offers over 21,000 different newsgroup updated constantly.  If you are unable to locate  a specific group, please let us know and we will make every attempt to add it.

When will Atlantic.Net add new phone lines in my area?
We are constantly making upgrades to the system to insure availability throughout the day.  Our network usage is monitored and when we see usage approaching capacity in a particular POP additional lines are ordered.   Installation of these new lines can take weeks or even months, so we place orders as soon as possible.

*Actual connect speeds vary.



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