Understand Your Bill

Your statement will include all outstanding charges on your account and will reflect all payments and credits applied as of the date of printing. Any overdue amounts will be included, as well as current charges.

Items on your statement will include a description of the service rendered and will indicate the period covered by the amount billed. Any partial payments against outstanding items will be reflected in the 'Paid' column of each line item, as well as being totaled on the bottom portion of your statement.

All statements are due and payable prior to the first date of your service period. For example, if you receive a statement for service 2/1/99-2/28/99, those charges are due no later than 1/31/99. Please be aware that your account may be temporarily suspended pending receipt of payment if payment is not received within these terms. Accounts that are suspended pending receipt of payment will be assessed a $5.00 reconnection charge.

Automated late notices are processed via e-mail and sent to your atlantic.net address (unless you specify another e-mail address for correspondence) approximately 5-10 days prior to your regular due date. These notices are a courtesy we extend to our customers to remind them of charges that are due so that account suspension can be avoided.

If you ever have questions regarding your statement, please feel free to contact us. For residential accounts, e-mail dial-upbilling@atlantic.net, for commerical accounts, e-mail commercialbilling@atlantic.net. All customers can call Member Services 24 hours a day, seven days a week (excluding major holidays) at 1-800-921-9328 for additional assistance.


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