Club Members

Arrowood, Shawn & Judy
Blatter, Barbara
Bogardus, Brian & Donna
Bowers, Jim
Bush, Lisa
Claussen, Louise Keith
Creer, Dr. Wendy
Creer, Jim & Judy
Delionbach, Leroy & Hilda
Faulkner, Bonnie
Garner, Bill
Godbee, Jerry & Bianca
Heaney, Jim
Johnson, Tim
Jones, Henry & Mary
Kaufman, Ron & Chris
Kennedy, Kathy
McCaffery, Bill & Donna
Padgett, Roxanne & Kenny
Plant, Lee & Jeanne
Smith, Bob & Anne
Smith, Van
Stillman, Karen
Van Dusen, Delmer & Ola
Van Horn, Ernest & Cheryl
Weston, Gloria
Whitmire, Dan
Wylds, Anita & Henry
Wynne, Brian
If you have a by your name send in your interior & exterior colors.
I don't have your email address, send it to me.
Membership dues are collected anually every July for all members. They are $20 for an individual membership or $25 for a couple membership (single vote).
I belong, it's July, and I want renew.
I want to belong.

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Last updated June 9, 1997