Volume 4, No. 2February 97

Autocrossing at Sandhill
by Jim Creer
A couple of months ago was the last Coastal solo event for 1996 at Sandhill and hosted as a Charity Event for the local Buccaneer Club. The members donated their time and equipment, and requested each participant to bring a toy.
It was a little chilly getting there, but the weather warmed nicely in the afternoon. Unfortunately for the club, the turnout was rather slow so they didnít get the toys they hoped for. Fortunately for the participants, there was enough time to reset the course and we enjoyed a second event. While the "Hard-core" participants were totaling their seasons final points, the rest of us did a bunch of extra runs. Kurt and Kathy were there having a good time. Kathy didnít drive, but rode as a passenger with other drivers. I even got to scare her a little too!
Both courses were set up for fairly fast runs, and I did my typical slipping and sliding while finishing in the usual near last place position. The "SM" designation guaranteed last place in the PAX standings. Only managed to wipe out 3 pylons while negotiating a fairly well executed turn. Sometimes, I get premonitions before this occurs when I notice the track workers start to run away.
I donít have the entire schedule yet for this year, but I expect one soon. The next event for this year is Sunday, February 23. Please call me at (706) 863-4184 if you are interested in attending as a drivel or a spectator. I will keep all posted of the new event schedule. I hope to all the Miatas come to the next event!

August Event: Asheville/Fontana Dam/Dealís Gap
At last monthís event Judy Arrowood passed around the following posting found on the Internet through the MiataList: "...Mary Osmar, VP of Ďthe Carolinas Miata Club, is planning another stellar Miata weekend for everyone who loves beautiful scenery and mountainous, twisty roads. Mary was the brilliant organizer who single-handedly put together the Blue Ridge Parkway-Natural Bridge road tour weekend in August 1996. This year she has More Magical Miata Motoring to offer us. This time it s Deal Ďs Gap and Fontana Dam in far, far western, NC. Deal s Gap, in case anyone doesnít get around much, is famous for its 318 hairpin corners in its 11 miles of thrills. At the end is a lovely picnic area - if your stomach can take it around Fontana Dam. The ride will begin in Asheville, NC on Friday evening, August 1 and cover the whole weekend. Please contact Mary directly for more details at 105477.2112@compuserve.com ".
In response to an e-mail sent by Shawn and Judy Arrowood expressing interest in attending this event Mary wrote: " .. Carolinas Miata Club s founders, Ben and Rita Zech, are helping me with this event since they have a second home near there and know all the great roads. Our tentative plan is to meet on Friday evening in Asheville, NC. We ĎII then go up to the Gap on Saturday morning. Me ĎIt probably do the Gap then and again on Sunday before the drive back to Charlotte. "
As more information comes available on this event, it will be posted in this newsletter.

Tech Tip of the Month
The tech tip of the month comes from Jim Creer. When having your wheels aligned, be sure that you sit in the driverís seat while it is being done. If this is not allowed where you get your Miata serviced, put weights in the drivers seat equaling your body weight. This will assure a smooth ride and put an end to that slight shudder some Miata owners feel even though the car has just been aligned.

Great Info on the Net!
As we have told you in past newsletters, the Miata.net on the information super highway is a great place for all kinds of Miata stuff! Their address is http://www.miata.net. Now you can be a subscriber to the Miata e-mail listserver. Just send an e-mail to listserv@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu with "subscribe (your name)" in the body.

Saturday, February 22, 1997
Weíll leave from the Georgia Welcome Center at 9:00am. Upon arriving in Atlanta we will go to the Atlanta Cyclorama. Weíll be taking a guided tour that costs $5.00 per person but Judy Arrowood has coupons for $1.00 off. After the tour, weíll be going for lunch at a casual local restaurant. Next we plan to stop by Brainstorm. The entire round trip will take about 7-8 hours. We plan to be back in Augusta around 5:00 p.m.
Atlanta Cyclorama
The 1864 Civil War Battle of Atlanta is depicted in an immense painting in the round, and visitors tour the battle from a revolving 1 84-seat viewing platform. The painting itself, at 358: by 42 feet, is longer than a football field, and it weighs 9,000 pounds. Extending 30 feet from the painting to the viewing platform is a three-dimensional foreground, filled with everything from wagons to soldiers. A film introduction and tour guides help visitors to understand the interpret the images and locations in the painting, which depicts the July 22, 1864 battle that was the beginning of the end of the Civil War. The painting, owned by the city of Atlanta, was rehabilitated at a cost of $11 million by Gustav Berger, as part of a renovation that included the installation of the revolving platform.
Open 9:30 a.m. -5 :30 p.m. daily $5; $4 senior Citizens; $3 ages 6-12; under 6 free. Grant Park at Georgia and Cherokee avenues. The Cyclorama is located adjacent to the zoo in historic Grant Park. 404-658-7625. Brain-Storm Products, Inc.
BSPís Mission: we at BSP are committed to supplying the Miata enthusiast with State of The Art accessories. We Design and Manufacture custom Miata parts. We also locate vendors with quality materials and offer the vendorís wares to you at considerable savings. Our service department is operated by a crazed Miata owner who experiences a "Fuel Shut Down"(over revving the engine) every day. He is committed to top performance and quality work.
Company Profile: We opened our doors January 2, 1992. Our owner purchased his "MACHINE" and immediately went broke buying accessories. "If you canít beat them.join them..." so, BSP was created.

to Kathy Stillman and her fiance Kurt on their engagement.

Anonymous Writer, Please Read!
This is a note to the anonymous writer who sent me a great story for the newsletter. I loved your piece but because of unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to get out a newsletter in the fall. Please submit another story and let the mystery continue!
Judy Arrowood, newsletter editor.

The Classifieds!
For Sale: Red hard top with rear window defrost and hoist..$1500.00 Call Tim Johnson (706) 481-8162, or e-mail.

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