Volume 3, No. 4July 96

You belong in the Zoo... With Ernest!
by Judy Arrowood
On July 27th we will all rally to Columbia to be with Ernest in his true environment, The Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Animal that he is, Ernest is leading this event and offering much to see and do. Those attending this rally not only will have a nice drive to Columbia but will then have the options of going to the zoo, the botanical gardens, and/or nearby go-carting. Of course, the go-cart race will be the place to be when those of you who attended racing school can show your stuff. Then again, those of us with a couple of autocross wins under our belt will have to be careful not to get to far ahead. Too bad these little cars don't handle like our Miatas, but I digress. The day promises to be full and fun but please give Ernest a call if you plan to attend so plans can be made accordingly. Please call Ernest Van Horn at (803-748-3568). The group rallying from the Augusta area to Columbia will be meeting at the South Carolina Welcome Center at 10:00am, July 27th. See you there!

Don't Miss "Miata Games '96"...It's Not Too Late!
The Peachtree Miata Club, the north Georgia Chapter of the Miata Club of America, is proud to have been chosen by National as the host of the official National Miata Rally for 1996. This premier track and field event in Georgia will take place October 3, 4, 5 and 6, 1996. They are expecting 300 Miatas, so there still may be room for YOU. Entry fee is $325.00 per couple and $230.00 single. Lodging and additional events are extra (Autocross: $25, Decisive Driving: $75, Performance Driving: $85, and Hot Laps: $65). Barbara Blatter has entry forms and other information. Call her (706-868-9377) and she will send you a packet or call directly to registration chairperson: Merridy L. Pohlmann, (770) 448-8400, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT. See more about this event in "News from the Prez. . . ".

Greetings From the Prez...
Past Rallies:
Each of the rallies has been fun, different, and unique. I am pleased to say we have had a variety of members participating each rally and even have had some prospective members join us. My thanks to the "rally masters" for each of these events as I know it takes time and coordination to make each a success.

Future Rallies:

See you all at the rallies!

It's That Time Again. Dues are Due!
Membership dues are due this month. Dues are: individual, $20.00; multi-person, $20.00 for the first dues paying member and $5.00 for each additional dues paying members with a single vote for all. With your membership you receive a Master's Miata Chapter static sticker for your Miata, a customized membership card, a continued subscription to this newsletter, and discounts at a variety of local places such as Andy Jones Mazda, Rader Mazda, and Tire America. Membership also gives you a vote in all member related elections, whether it be for a change in the bylaws or for the annual election of new officers. You also are qualified to be nominated for any office in the club's structure.

Coming Soon...Customized Membership Cards!
As the membership dues are now coming in, it is also time to print new membership cards. The new card proposed will be customized with the member's name and the car in the Master's Miata Chapter's logo will have the member's car colors, both interior and exterior. If you have an emblem on your year's model, then it will be there. Be sure to completely fill out the membership renewal form. If you have added any custom items, please list them on your membership renewal form so that they can be on your car in the logo on your card. (Please wish me luck when I attempt to do Jim Creer's card!) Please keep in mind the view of the Miata in the logo. For example, a torsion bar does not show. This year's card will probably not be laminated since it is supposed to be replaced every year. God willing, the cards will be ready at the August meeting. It you have any ideas you would like to contribute to this project, please call Judy Arrowood at (706) 863-3170.

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