Usenet Newsgroups about the Macintosh on SCESCAPE

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Introduction to Usenet

Usenet is a wonderful resource for information ranging from basic questions (How do I lock a floppy disk?) to queries that would make Doug himself run screaming from the room in terror. Since the Macintosh newsgroups are medium to high volume, we ask that before posting you first peruse the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) lists for the newsgroup you're posting in, check any other relevant on-line resources, especially the FAQ lists for the other Macintosh newsgroups, and RTFM (Read the Friendly Manual) . We realize that you are personally incensed that the System is taking up fourteen of your newly-installed twenty megs of RAM, but this question has already made its way around the world three hundred times before, and it's developing tired feet.

Finally, before posting to any newsgroup (Macintosh or otherwise), please familiarize yourself with the basic etiquette of Usenet as described in the newsgroup news.announce.newusers. Usenet can be a real nerd-eat-nerd world and it's a bad idea to enter it unprepared.

Which Newsgroup Should I Post To?

There are no stupid questions, but there are misplaced ones. You wouldn't ask your English teacher how to do the definite integral of ln x between zero and one, would you? So don't ask the programmer newsgroup why your system is so slow when Microsoft Word is in the background. Ignorance of basic netiquette is not an excuse. If you want people to help you, you need to learn their ways of communicating.

Posting questions to the proper newsgroup will fill your mailbox with pearls of wisdom (and maybe a few rotten oysters too :-) ). Posting to the wrong newsgroup often engenders a thundering silence. For instance the most common and glaring mispost, one that seems as incongruous to dwellers in the Macintosh regions of Usenet as would a purple elephant to Aleuts in the Arctic, asking a question about networking anywhere except comp.sys.mac.comm, normally produces no useful responses. Posting the same question to comp.sys.mac.comm ensures that your post is read and considered by dozens of experienced network administrators and not a few network software designers.

Please post to exactly *ONE* newsgroup. Do not cross-post. If a question isn't important enough for you to take the extra minute to figure out where it properly belongs, it's not important enough for several thousand people to spend their time reading. For the same reason comp.sys.mac.misc should not be used as a catch-all newsgroup.

The breakdown of questions between different newsgroups in this document can also serve as a reasonable guide to what belongs where. Questions about productivity applications (software you bought your Macintosh to run, not software you bought to make your Macintosh run better) should go to comp.sys.mac.apps unless the application is covered in a more specific newsgroup. Communications programs, games, HyperCard, compilers and databases all have more topical comp.sys.mac.* newsgroups.

Questions about communications software and some hardware questions belongs in comp.sys.mac.comm. However detailed questions about Appletalk belong in comp.protocols.appletalk. Questions about modem hardware belongs in comp.dcom.modems. Questions about the Internet in general and not about specific Mac based software like MacTCP do not belong in comp.sys.mac.comm at all. Finally all questions about World Wide Web browsers belong in comp.infosystems.www.browsers.mac and all questions about HTTP servers belong comp.infosystems.www.servers.mac.

Questions about MacOS system software belong in comp.sys.mac.system with a few exceptions. Most notably all questions about printing and printing software belong in comp.sys.mac.printing. Questions about third party utilities and extensions normally belong in comp.sys.mac.misc. Questions about A/UX go to comp.unix.aux.

Posts about hardware are split as follows: Anything at all about printers belongs in comp.sys.mac.printing. Posts about hard drives, tape drives, removable media like Zip and Syquest drives, and CD-ROM drives and the driver and utility software required to make these items work belongs in Posts about displays, monitors, video cards and the driver and utility software necessary to make these items work belongs in All other hardware related posts including those about CPU's, memory, scanners and other peripherals should be directed to comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc. Please try to restrict posts to comp.sys.mac.hardware to ones that actually involve the metal and plastic that modern computer hardware is made of. Just because a game comes on CD-ROM does mean you should review it in (On the other hand a review of the drive itself would be appropriate.) Software questions in comp.sys.mac.hardware should be restricted to the bare minimum of non-standard software required to make a device work, e.g. hard disk drivers, special extensions, and the like.

Programming questions and questions about development environments belong in the comp.sys.mac.programmer hierarchy. ResEdit questions may be posted either to comp.sys.mac.misc, comp.sys.mac.system, or comp.sys.mac.programmer; but generally the netters who inhabit the darker recesses of comp.sys.mac.programmer are considerably more practiced at the art of resource hacking. Finally questions about hardware belong in one of the comp.sys.mac.hardware newsgroups.

A general exception to the above rules is that any very technical question about an application that actually begins to delve into the how's of a program as well as the what's (Recent example: How does WriteNow which is written entirely in assembly compare to other word processors written in high level languages?) might be better addressed to the programmer newsgroups.

For Sale and Want to Buy posts should go to comp.sys.mac.wanted and the hierarchy ONLY. We understand that you're desperate to sell your upgraded 128K Mac to get the $$ for a PowerBook 540c; but trust me, anyone who wants to buy it will be reading comp.sys.mac.wanted and

Although comp.sys.mac.wanted is a fairly catch-all group, is a little more hierarchical. contains for sale and want-to-buy ads for Macintosh video cards only. features ads for other Mac-only cards, audio cards, data acquisition cards. is for for sale and want-to-buy ads for Macintosh PowerBooks, Portables, Duos and other complete portable systems. is for all Macintosh software. is for buying and selling complete Macintosh systems (no parts). Finally is for buying and selling Macintosh specific items not covered in the above newsgroups. All of these newsgroups are for initial posts only. All inquiries, discussion and negotiation should be kept in private email. Thery're also all intended for individuals selling one or two systems. Dealers of new or used computers and software should post to biz.marketplace.computers.mac.

Many items of computer hardware work on multiple platforms, particularly memory, monitors, external modems, hard drives and other SCSI devices. If you're selling any of these items please post to the appropriate cross-platform, peripheral group, i.e.:

Posting to these groups will give your message a much broader distribution than posting it to the Mac specific newsgroups.

Political and religious questions (The Mac is better than Windows! Is not! Is too! Is not! Is too! Hey! How 'bout the Amiga! What about it? Is Not! Is too!) belong in comp.sys.mac.advocacy. Anything not specifically mentioned above probably belongs in comp.sys.mac.misc.

Finally don't be so provincial as to only consider the comp.sys.mac newsgroups for your questions. Many questions about modems in comp.sys.mac.comm are much more thoroughly discussed in comp.dcom.modems. Questions about Mac MIDI are often better handled in even though it's not a Macintosh specific newsgroup. Posts about the Newton belong in the comp.sys.newton hierarchy, not in ANY of the Macintosh newsgroups. Look around. Usenet's big and not everything relevant to the Macintosh happens in comp.sys.mac.

The Newsgroups

If you're using Mosaic or another WWW client that supports "news:" URLs, you can read the following groups just by clicking on their names; otherwise, you need to use a dedicated news reader. Chances are your newsreader will do a better job anyway.

I collected this list from our site which has a very full news feed. If you are not a subscriber to SCESCAPE, chances are that your site doesn't make all these groups available.

General Macintosh Newsgroups

Mostly warez and random flameage with some serial number cracking and occasional defeating of Mac security programs thrown in for flavor.
This group is dedicated to being helpful to those new to the Mac and the Internet in partciular. If you're not experienced with Usenet, this is a good place to post your questions without too much danger of being flamed. If you do know your way around Usenet, you'l probably find the other groups more helpful.
This commercial newsfeed of Apple and Macintosh related news is only available at sites that choose to pay for it. (Moderated)
The Macintosh emulator for the PC.
Important notices for Macintosh users. Everyone should subscribe to this newsgroup. (Moderated)
Macintosh application software
Database software for the Macintosh. All questions about Filemaker, Fourth Dimension, Helix Express, Panorama and the like belong here.
The info-mac digest and TidBITS plus occasional lists of new software at mac.archive (Moderated)
Flames and fun as users of different computers argue over who has the best system. If you liked the crusades, you'll love comp.sys.mac.advocacy.
Macintosh displays, video cards, and scanners.
Hard Drives, SCSI, IDE, Fire Wire, CD-ROM drives, tape drives, removable cartridge drives and other storage devices.
CPU's, mice, memory, power supplies and other Macintosh compatible hardware not specifically mentioned above.
An older newsgroup that will be rmgrouped in the near future.
Macintosh material not covered elsewhere.
Macintosh Portables, Powerbooks and Duos
Anything and everything having to do with printing from a Macintosh, both software and hardware.
Using the Macintosh in scientific and technological work
Macintosh system software
Apple's soon-to-be-abandoned UNIX environment

Binary and Source Newsgroups

These newsgroups are for the posting of encoded binaries and source code ONLY! Do not post ANY discussion to these newsgroups including queries like "Can anyone post WhizzyWriter 1000?" or "Part 13 of Quirk Impress was corrupt at my site. Can someone please repost?""
Mostly pirated payware for the Mac, surprisingly little of it games.
Macintosh software encoded in Binhex. (Moderated)
Macintosh source code
Macintosh software encoded in Binhex. (Moderated)
A newsgroup made pointless by poor moderation and the belief of one Usenet's founders that he's above the rules he helped create. Post to alt.sources.mac instead. We should just rmgroup it and forget it. (Moderated, poorly)

For Sale Newsgroups

Mostly commercial ads by profit-motivated entities about things Macintosh.
For sale and want-to-buy ads
More for sale and want-to-buy ads. This group mostly been replaced by the more specific groups listed below and will be rmgrouped in the near future.
For sale and want-to-buy ads for Macintosh video cards.
For sale and want-to-buy ads for other Mac-only cards, audio cards, data acquisition cards [no network cards, please]
For sale and want-to-buy ads for Macintosh PowerBooks, Portables, Duos and other complete portable systems.
For sale and want-to-buy ads for Macintosh software.
For sale and want-to-buy ads for complete Macintosh systems (no parts).
Buying and selling Macintosh specific items not covered in the above newsgroups.
Many items of computer hardware work on multiple platforms, particularly memory, monitors, external modems, hard drives and other SCSI devices. If you're selling any of these items please post to the appropriate cross-platform, peripheral group, i.e.:

Posting to these groups will give your message a much broader distribution than posting it to the Mac specific newsgroups.

Programming Newsgroups

The Dylan programming language
Programming the Macintosh in Forth.
Macintosh Common Lisp
The Prograph visual object-oriented programming language
Programming the Macintosh in Pascal.
Version 3 of Apple's MacApp C++ class library
Metrowerks Powerplant class library
Object oriented programming on the Mac, general discussion and environments not covered elsewhere.
Symantec's Think Class Library
Metrowerks' Code Warrior C, C++ and Pascal programming environments
Q & A about programming the Macintosh
Programming (as opposed to design) issues specific to writing games for the Macintosh
Announcements of interest to Macintosh programmers (Moderated)
Compilers, resource editors, debuggers and other programming tools for the Macintosh
Everything about programming the Macintosh that isn't covered in the previous four newsgroups.

Networking and Communications

SoftArc's First Class Macintosh hosted graphical BBS.
All discussion of modem hardware and prorocols belongs here.
Fairly technical discussions of Appletalk.
Macintosh communications software and hardware
All discussions of Macintosh World Wide Web browsers like Mosaic and Netscape.
All discussions of Macintosh World Wide Web servers such as NetPrezenz and WebStar.

Application Specific Newsgroups

The Adobe Pagemaker desktop publishing application
This mailing list for Pagemaker is gated into this newsgroup at some sites. If yours isn't one of them you can always subscribe to the Pagemaker list manually.
This mailing list for Microsoft Word is gated into this newsgroup at some sites. If yours isn't one of them you can always subscribe to the Word list manually
Qualcomm's Eudora Email program.
Wolfram Research's Mathematica symbolic mathematics package.
The Adobe Framemaker desktop publishing application
Tenon Intersystem's Unix emulator

Game Newsgroups

These newsgroups are dedicated to various Macintosh games.
The networked tank game for the Macintosh
Macintosh action games like Doom.
Macintosh adventure games like Realmz.
Announcements about Macintosh games.
Macintosh flight simulators like Chuck Yeager's Air Combat.
General discussion of Macintosh games.
Buying, selling and trading Macintosh games.
Macintosh strategy games like Spaceward Ho!.
The networked tank game for the Macintosh

Location Specific Newsgroups

Discussions in many of these take place in languages other than English.

Macs at ASU.
Macs in Australia.
Boston Computer Society's Mac SIG.
Far-ranging discussions of all Macintosh topics in French
Discussions of all Macintosh topics in German
General Macintosh discussions in Norwegian.

Other Newsgroup Resources

Apple maintains searchable archives of several of these newsgroups at

If you haven't found what you're looking for here you can also search Usenet newsgroup titles or search for a word in the newsgroup descriptions.