Until I became involved in politics, I had time to teach yoga, which I really enjoyed. I seem t have no time for that, so I'll continue to shift things around until I can find that important space again.

I love plants, African violets and epischias especially. I started and English garden last year, and it keeps my stress level under control when I can work there under the live oaks.


I do manage to go to Body Dynamics aerobics classes early in the mornings. That's another great stress-reducer as well as fun exercise.

I've always been a reader although I seldom stay up half the night anymore to finish a book.

I was raised on science fiction, but some of my favorite authors from other genres are Eudora Welty, Thomas Mann, Ferrol Sams, Annie Dillard, Orson Scott Card, Tom Clancey and Jonathan Kellerman. I tend to read more mysteries lately - I guess I look for diversion and to hone my deductive skills. Favorite magazines are Discover, Governing, and Garden Design.

On TV, I do watch Friends and Seinfeld with Marc and also X-Files, which I liked better in the earlier seasons.

And my favorite to watch with Lou is HGTV. It is so nice to find a channel with upbeat, creative, and relaxing information all the time.



Lou and I have been married to each other since 1974,

and we have one son, Marc, who is 14.

He can be found at


Lou is a manager at Westinghouse. Away from work , he enjoys lawn tennis, court tennis, and pool. He enjoys fine antiques and takes meticulous care of our yard. Our niece, Olivia, enjoys our backyard swing when she visits from Cincinnati.


Our cat, Tabby, adopted us several years ago. She is probably the only cat in town who has been spayed twice. Being good pet owners, we took her to the vet for a checkup and to have her neutered. Much to my chagrin, the vet called me at work to say that he had the cat opened up on the table and could find no uterus. She didn't think it was very funny either...

She's Marc's companion, and enjoys watching Jay Leno.


My dog is Jasmine, a very abused boxer-terrier mix Marc and I found at the SPCA. We had to teach her how to play. She's the delight of the family now, but the terror of every delivery person. A fear-biter, she defends her house with everything she's got. She's well-known to every UPS and FedEx agent in town.






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