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Join Atlantic.Net, and you'll be a happy camper. But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what our members have to say.

"…One more reason I like Atlantic.Net: They ask, and listen to, their clients."

"I think your new newsletter is the best thing you've done lately. It's fantastic, superb, and I love it."

"I have been with Atlantic.Net for several years, and your service and tech support are very good. Keep up the good work."

"Appreciate your good work. It is a matter of pride to tell friends that we always have good service from our ISP!"

"I like the look of your new portal. It's cleaner and easier to use."

"I feel like I am part of a family with Atlantic.Net. Anytime I ever have to call for assistance, your reps are extremely helpful and friendly. They never make you feel like you are a dumb bell!"

"I really like Surf.Atlantic.Net. When I purchased my computer, it had a free Internet service on it. I never was so frustrated. Being a newcomer to the area, I checked the yellow pages and decided to call Atlantic.Net. I am totally happy with it, and it is very user friendly. I'm glad I chose Atlantic.Net."

"Your newsletter looks great—catchy colors, reader friendly, and packed with lots of information! You can tell your company has efficient, competent, and caring employees, because you're growing!"

"I am very pleased with your service and find your technicians very helpful and polite. I do appreciate that. "

"Your service is excellent. I'm impressed by how quickly you respond and by how you keep customers informed about whatever is going on."

"Just want to say thank you for having enough lines to service your members. I seldom fail to get on the Web on the first try!"

"I am very pleased with your services. I've tried a lot of Internet providers, but I found that you were the best. Thank you."

"I like your portal very much. It's clean looking, simple to read, and contains all the information we could ever need. Very nice layout and design!"

"Keep up the good work! I would also like to say that I enjoy your newsletter each month; it has helped me find a computer club to join, when I finally do have the time to join them! Again, keep up the good work."

"I called you and got fixed in a few seconds. Thank you very much. You all are great. Thanks again."

"Since I became a member of Atlantic.Net I have been very pleased with the service you provide me... Keep up the excellent job!"

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