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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
Eliminate long-distance charges with the Internet!

If your company pays monthly bills for voice communications with remote branch offices, read on to find out how you can lower those costs by taking full advantage of the Internet access you're already paying for.

How it works
VoIP stands for "Voice over Internet Protocol." This service works with Atlantic.Net's broadband Internet options such as DSL, ISDN, Frame Relay, or point-to-point T-1/T-3 to enable you to use your Internet connection for long distance voice communications. By adding some hardware to your network, you can use your connection to the Net for both voice and data.

With VoIP, you'll pick up your telephone handset, listen for a dial tone, and call a number just as you do now. In fact, the only difference your employees may notice is an increase in the clarity of their phone line, because the transmission is digital rather than analog.

The VoIP advantage
VoIP saves you money by eliminating toll-call charges and reducing the need for long distance lines on a multi-line phone system. In addition, VoIP unifies your communications over one network, so you get more out of the Internet service you're already paying for. Finally, VoIP makes your network more flexible, because the lines have multiple uses—meaning you can adjust your bandwidth and number of voice lines as needed. Companies with multiple office sites that do lots of communication between those locations will benefit the most from VoIP.

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Get the most out of your broadband Internet connection! To learn more, call Atlantic.Net Commercial Sales at 1-800-521-5881 or e-mail sales@atlantic.net.
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