true private networks

True Private Networks
Connect branch offices and secure your data

Now, exchanging sensitive data between remote offices is secure and cost-effective. With a True Private Network (TPN) from Atlantic.Net, employees can share internal documents and customer information between locations over a fully-managed, private network.

More secure than virtual private networks
With VPN, your data must be encrypted, because it travels along the same path as public data on the Internet. Conversely, data on a True Private Network passes through a totally private segment on the Atlantic.Net "pipe," much like a tunnel built alongside a busy interstate.

More cost-effective than VPN
Unlike VPN, True Private Networks are network-based and require no additional hardware and no upgrades. TPN also is fully managed by Atlantic.Net, so you can lower the cost of maintaining your network.

More reliable than VPN
True Private Networks are centrally managed by Atlantic.Net around the clock, so problems can be isolated and resolved quickly. Plus, since TPNs are network-based, you'll decrease the odds of equipment failure.

Better quality of service
Because all the endpoints on your private network are on Atlantic.Net, you have a single point of contact, and qualified engineers can resolve potential problems before they affect you.

Flexible and scalable
Atlantic.Net's TPN technology works with a variety of dedicated access methods, from DSL to point-to-point T-1/T-3. Also, because True Private Networks are not equipment-based like VPNs, they have no limitations on the number of sites that are connected and require no additional configuration changes as your network expands.

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