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Managed Networks
Speed up your train of thought!

Today's most successful businesses aren't the ones coming up with great ideas-they're the companies that execute and make the great ideas happen. Atlantic.Net's Managed Network Solutions help your team's best minds come together to collaborate, communicate, and create faster and more efficiently than ever before. We help businesses connect satellite offices over wide area networks (WAN) to facilitate the exchange of information among employees, clients, and suppliers. And speeding up your train of thought might just be the competitive edge you need to capitalize on your potential for greatness. For more information about Managed Network Services, contact Atlantic.Net Commercial Sales at 1-800-521-5881 or e-mail

Customized Solutions
Atlantic.Net's experienced team of network engineers can plan, build, and manage a customized WAN to meet your company's needs. You reap all the benefits of a superior data communications network without the otherwise hefty investment in hardware or IT personnel.

Up-to-Date Equipment
When you outsource your networking needs to Atlantic.Net, we handle everything from planning your system to buying the equipment to installation and testing. Plus, you never have to throw money away on soon-to-be-obsolete hardware-you can lease our routers, cables, and modems.

24/7 Network Monitoring
Your network is polled regularly from our Network Operations Center (NOC), which operates around the clock. Each month, you get a detailed report that summarizes your network's overall reliability.

If a problem occurs, Atlantic.Net contacts your company within minutes via telephone, pager, or e-mail. Our engineers immediately diagnose network conflicts and issue trouble reports to resolve difficulties quickly and efficiently. Upon restoration, Atlantic.Net generates a detailed report.

Qualified Personnel
With nearly 35 years of combined experience, our NOC team's credentials include Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Networking Associate, and Certified Novell Engineer.

Reliable Network
Atlantic.Net's multiple, high-speed connections to the Internet backbone automatically select the fastest way to move data-and even switch carriers if a provider goes down. Our network has earned distinction as a Cisco Powered Network, a designation reserved for the world's top ISPs.

For more information about Managed Network Services, contact Atlantic.Net Commercial Sales at 1-800-521-5881 or e-mail
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