Wholesale Benefits

Unlimited Profit Potential
Millions of people are paying around $20 each month for Internet access. As a wholesale customer with Atlantic.Net, your company will have the opportunity to cash in. As your subscriber list grows, so will your profits. With thousands of people joining the Internet each day, the profit potential is unlimited!

Free Advertising
Each time a subscriber sends an e-mail, the recipient will see your company's domain name; hence driving additional traffic to your Web site.

Increased Brand Loyalty
Increase your customers' loyalty by becoming a one-stop shop for their computer needs. Customers appreciate the convenience of getting their computer sales, service, and Internet needs satisfied by one company.

Diversify Your Business
Computer sales are typically slow during the summer months. However, your company will have a steady stream of revenue from ISP services when traditional sales slow. Diversifying your business is critical to being successful!

Expand Your Coverage Area
Wholesale customers are able to sell service anywhere that Atlantic.Net has a local access number. Your company can instantly expand a service area to cover more than 85 percent of the United States and parts of Canada without the costs of equipment, PRIs, and technical staff.

No Telco Hassles
One of the most time-consuming tasks of running a network is when problems occur with the local telephone company. However, when you become a wholesale customer, Atlantic.Net handles all the network issues, allowing you to focus on growing your subscriber base—and your revenues!

No Overhead
Installing and maintaining a network is a capital and time-intensive project. Atlantic.Net Wholesale Customers can provide service to thousands of subscribers and operate with as few as one technical support representative and a part-time billing assistant.

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