Partner Tools

Atlantic.Net equips you with everything you need to start recommending quality Internet service to your customers and earning commissions!

Set-Up Kit
Atlantic.Net is currently distributing Edition 5.0 of its easy-to-use Set-Up Kit, which includes Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.0. The software is compatible with Windows Platforms 95, 98, and ME. Versions for Windows 2000 and NT and Macintosh are coming soon.

The Atlantic.Net Set-Up Kit CD-ROM allows customers to sign up for Atlantic.Net service from most computers, subject to minimum system requirements.

Display Case
We provide an attractive point-of-purchase display that holds 25 disks and takes up very little counter space. The case is made of sturdy clear acrylic and requires no assembly. A colorful background insert directs customers to pick up a free CD. The registration codes located inside of the packages are keyed with your individual Partner Code, guaranteeing that you still receive credit regardless of when customers sign up—even if they share the disk with a friend.

Poster & Window Decal
The Partner toolkit also comes with supplies that outfit your storefront and identify you as an Atlantic.Net authorized partner. You'll receive a large 22" x 28" glossy poster that lists the benefits of Atlantic.Net membership and encourages walk-ins to "Ask for your free disk here!"

In addition, you get a blue- and aqua-colored decal for your store entrance. Display this 7" x 4" sticker to let customers know your business is a one-stop shop for all their computing needs—including Internet services!

Program Managers
Atlantic.Net Program Managers are a valuable source for information about Atlantic.Net and the Partner Program. Program Managers are available Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm to assist Partners.

Program Managers can answer questions regarding Atlantic.Net services, billing policies, sign-up procedures, etc. Program Managers also publish the Partner Newsletter and Handbook, fill supply requests and ensure that Partners receive proper credit for sales.

Handbook and Monthly Newsletter
Every Atlantic.Net Partner is supplied with a copy of the Partner Program Handbook. Inside this convenient reference, you'll discover everything you need to know about Atlantic.Net, including company history, services, POP locations, billing policies, sign-up procedures, and more.

Plus, partners receive a monthly newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date on events and changes at Atlantic.Net. A
list of the month's Top 10 Partners, based on sales, is featured on the front page of each issue, along with tips on marketing Atlantic.Net Internet services to help you earn more money!

Enhance your product offering and earn more money today!
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