Property Managers
Building on a foundation for success

Developers, real estate companies, and commercial property management groups can maximize the return on their investment by recommending Atlantic.Net services to tenants. You'll earn additional revenue while serving as a one-stop shop for your clients' voice and data communications needs. Providing sophisticated technology services can increase your property value, as well as help you retain premier tenants and meet your leasing goals.

By partnering with Atlantic.Net, you'll earn generous commissions based on your clients' subscription to our services. Plus, you'll build added value into your properties by bundling the following products for your tenants.
• Long-distance services
• Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)
• Internet connectivity
• Managed networks
• Web hosting solutions
• Private networking with remote sites
• Multi-tenant unit connectivity

Atlantic.Net handles all the customer service for your tenants, so they call us—not you—if they have questions about their Internet access. In addition, you can select the billing option that suits your needs. Either bundle the Internet services with your tenants' monthly rent, or Atlantic.Net will invoice the customer directly.

For more information, contact 407-916-8338 or e-mail

Add value to your services by recommending Atlantic.Net to your tenants! Find out how you can boost revenues while serving as a one-stop shop for for your clients' communication needs. Call us at 407-916-8338.

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