Atlantic.Net's regional data network was built with three goals in mind: speed, quality and reliability. Since its inception in 1995, the network has evolved from an Internet link for users in Gainesville and Ocala into a regional high-speed data backbone able to support Internet, voice and multimedia applications in locations throughout the southeastern United States.

Atlantic.Net's network redundancy, coupled with hub-and-spoke and meshed-hub topology, allows us to deliver accurate customer data faster and more consistently. The network is built around IP packet switching, which allows build-outs with high levels of redundancy at a significantly lower cost. Atlantic.Net's network is built on top of Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) "rings," which are redundant and self-healing in nature. As a result, a fiber-optic cable cut will not interrupt the operation of Atlantic.Net's primary network, providing greater reliability.

Speed and Redundancy
Atlantic.Net's regional network is a best-in-class example of a private data network. In today's market, customers demand high-speed access to the public Internet. While most access providers align themselves with a single Internet backbone, Atlantic.Net has strategically overbuilt its Internet topology, with multiple T-3s to separate carriers. By connecting to the largest carriers, Atlantic.Net users do not have to cross a congested network to reach Internet sites and other providers.

Cisco Powered Network
As a member of the Cisco Powered Network program, Atlantic.Net is part of an elite group of Internet companies whose commitment to delivering advanced and reliable Internet services is recognized by Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking. Atlantic.Net's Cisco Powered Network status reinforces its commitment to building its regional network into an Internet Supercarrier, capable of transmitting high speed data and voice transmissions by cable modem, DSL and wireless.

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