11/8/99 - Atlantic.Net Acquires ParkAve.net Subscribers

Media Contact: Doreen Sabina
Phone: (904) 249-3946
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GAINESVILLE, FL - Atlantic.Net, one of Florida’s leading Internet Service Providers, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the dial-up subscribers, dedicated access accounts and Web hosting clients of Winter Park-based ParkAve.net. Terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

Effective immediately, former ParkAve.net customers can take advantage of all of Atlantic.Net’s features, including 56Kbps Web browsing and e-mail service. Technical support is available seven days a week and subscribers will have access to the Atlantic.Net software startup kit, featuring Netscape Communicator, which is available for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. With the Atlantic.Net roaming access plan, former ParkAve.net subscribers may access Internet service in any of the 47 cities Atlantic.Net currently serves, or anywhere in the country.

"We look forward to a long-term relationship with our new members," said Brian Bess, marketing director of Atlantic.Net "We believe that they will find the quality of Atlantic.Net’s services unmatched and that they will continue to enjoy the many benefits of our efforts to become a major player in the Internet access industry."

Atlantic.Net is honoring all service agreements with ParkAve.net users and subscribers will not need to make any immediate network changes in their computers. However, Atlantic.Net recommends that all subscribers begin notifying friends and family of the impending change in their e-mail addresses, which will take effect within three months. Anyone with questions regarding this change should call the Atlantic.Net Member Services department at 1-800-921-9328 or send e-mail to service@atlantic.net.

About Atlantic.Net
Atlantic.Net, recently named Florida’s 15th fastest-growing private company, was founded in 1994 by two University of Florida students. The company, previously known as Internet Connect Company, launched one of the first commercial Internet services in Florida in 1995. Today, Atlantic.Net has 24,000 subscribers in cities across Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. Dial-up accounts start at $9.95 per month; including access to the World Wide Web, electronic mail, discussion groups and other features. The Atlantic.Net software startup kit, featuring Netscape Communicator, is available for the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems. 56K access is standard with all accounts, but the service is also compatible with older 14.4Kbps, 28.8/33.6Kbps modems as well as 64Kbps ISDN terminal adapters. 128Kbps ISDN is available for an additional monthly fee. Atlantic.Net’s business services include high-speed dedicated access, Web hosting and Web development and design. To learn more about Atlantic.Net’s complete line of services, call 1-800-422-2936 or visit the corporate Web site at http://www.atlantic.net.

About ParkAve.net
ParkAve.net specializes in providing e-commerce and Web design services for business
clients. These services will continue to be offered under the business name ParkAve.net Inc. For more information, please call Dave King at 407-628-4662.

For more information about this release, call Doreen Sabina at 904-249-3946 or e-mail doreen@atlantic.net. For company information, check out http://newsroom.atlantic.net.

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