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Atlantic.Net is one of the fastest-growing private companies in Florida and the nation. Recognized as one of the Southeast's most reliable Internet Protocol (IP)-Carriers, Atlantic.Net serves more than 55,000 customers. Services include broadband, e-commerce, Web solutions and dial-up. The company has been featured in newspapers and magazines nationwide including Business Week, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Miami Herald, The Florida Times-Union and The Gainesville Sun. Below are highlights from Atlantic.Net's media coverage over the past several years:

"Now, with some cash built up and highly leveraged competitors dropping like flies, [Atlantic.Net is] opening a front in Orlando." —Orlando Business Journal, April 2002

"Users should appreciate Atlantic.Net’s somewhat unusual approach to providing service. To ensure quality of service, Atlantic.Net shapes the bandwidth to deliver what the customer ordered..." —Small Business Computing, December 2001

"We all know that Internet-related businesses are dropping left and right, if they haven't been felled already. But Manoj 'Marty' Puranik has turned the upheaval of the ISP industry to his advantage." — Inc. magazine, October 2001

"You could almost call Atlantic.Net the anti-dot-com. It turned a profit almost immediately, was completely self-financed for its first five years, and last year brought in revenues of more than $10 million. With its own network, little debt, and 50,000 subscribers, it's well-insulated from the problems plaguing other Internet service providers." — Business Week, April 2001

"Businesses to Watch" — Florida Trend, April 2001

Number 350: Atlantic.Net. — Inc. 500, October 2000

"Atlantic.Net Inc. is proving an Internet service provider doesn't have to be in a big city just to service it. The privately owned company just linked businesses and consumers in Atlanta to the Cisco AS5x00 family of servers it operates from its 8,000-square-foot headquarters in Gainesville. But don't judge this company by physical size." —, July 2000

"Atlantic.Net may not be the biggest fish in the ISP ocean, but they are one of the most successful. They just completed their (count 'em!) 10th ISP acquisition and have expanded out of Florida across the southeastern United States." — Entrepreneur's Business Start-Ups Magazine, April 2000

"Still hoping to acquire additional ISPs, the company has been rapidly expanding for several years, buying up existing companies and launching new service in rural or untapped markets." — The Gainesville Sun, March 2000

"The fast-growing Internet service provider Atlantic.Net is firming up its commitment to becoming an Internet Supercarrier." —, February 2000

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