Media Guide

Atlantic.Net staff members are available to offer their expertise on a variety of topics. Please contact Teresa Beard at or 352-375-2912 ext. 5212 to arrange an interview.

Marty Puranik, President and CEO
Topics: entrepreneurship, growing a business, surviving an economic downturn, telecommunications, leadership

Paul Ayoub
Topics: developing sound financial strategies, minimizing costs/maximizing revenues, balancing the operating and capital budgets, evaluating investment opportunities & risk

J. Neal Hiscock, Director of Operations
Topics: emerging trends in information technology and telecommunications, economies of scale, launching an ISP, CLEC issues, pricing

Cameron Clayton, Marketing Director
Topics: consumer and business marketing, online marketing, brands and brand strategy, strategy, business development, channel development, sales and sales training

Jacques Ward, General Counsel
Topics: compliance, legal aspects of operations

M. Adnan Raja, General Manager, Orlando
Topics: developing and launching new products, marketing strategy, creative partnerships, trade agreements, and business alliances

Mike Jackson, Senior Network Engineer
Topics: LAN and WAN networking, Unix system administration

Jonathan A. Lewis, Network Engineer
Topics: Cisco hardware, IP routing, Linux administration

Teresa Beard, Communications Director/Content Developer
Topics: portal development, new media, writing for the Web

Josh Simon, Website Services Director
Topics: Web hosting, e-commerce, colocation, dedicated servers, Web design, streaming media, application hosting

Alan Hettinger, Web Designer
Topics: Web site design and layout, flash integration, multimedia production

Kimberly Robinson, Web Designer/Developer
Topics: production and creative graphics, multimedia arts (print & Web), Web graphics, Web site design and marketing

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