Corporate Culture

As you consider applying for a position at Atlantic.Net, we encourage you to take a moment and ask yourself these questions. (And if you respond with an enthusiastic "YES" to each one, give us a call immediately!)

Do you want to change the world?
At Atlantic.Net, we don't think changing the world is too lofty a goal for our team. In fact, we strive to make a positive difference for every customer every day and believe that we're building a world-class company.

Do you feel that every team member is a valuable contributor?
We're all in this together. Everyone's integral to our collective success, and we rely on each other to make things happen. I guess you could say we're not hung up on hierarchies.

Do you get frustrated by the weakest link?
We abhor mediocrity. It's bad for morale, bad for productivity, and bad for the bottom line. We don't waste time on ineffective people, products, or processes.

Do you laugh hysterically at the film Office Space?
If not, maybe you'd actually like to work at a place like that.

Do you take the personal initiative to solve problems—even if it means the problem is your "boss?"
Every employee is personally responsible for making sure the company succeeds. Therefore, every staff member is subject to the criticism of his or her teammates, and we're all open and responsive to that feedback.

Are you comfortable in an environment without structure?
Along with coming up with the ideas that help our company grow, Atlantic.Net employees solve their own problems, create their own processes, and set their own daily priorities. Often described as "organized chaos," the freedom that results from our lack of structure seems to give birth to and nurture the innovative ideas that are our greatest strength.

Are you willing to be held accountable for your actions in exchange for complete creative control?
Our founders empower every employee by spreading the decision-making power around. Managers run their departments as if they're running their own companies, and team members are encouraged to share ideas and take ownership over their projects. The flipside of that is all staff members are 100% responsible for every decision they make.

Do you work well independently and as part of a diverse team?
Self-motivation is key to our employees' success, but we're also a collaborative team. Atlantic.Net is an illustrative case study of what happens when a diverse team unites to achieve a common goal.

Do you believe it's your responsibility to be honest with your employer about the company's weaknesses and strengths?
Atlantic.Net doesn't just hire people to do jobs; we bring in creative, independent thinkers to share their ideas and help build the company. Newcomers are encouraged to rock the boat, shape what is undefined, and truly make their mark.

Do you learn from your mistakes?
Indecision stalls progress, yet some initiatives fail. We learn from our mistakes and refuse to repeat them. It's that simple.

Do you spend the company's money as wisely as you spend your own?
When Atlantic.Net succeeds, we all succeed. Because conserving our resources is a vital part of that success, we each do our part to protect the company's assets and ensure that every expenditure is a sensible investment.

Are you passionate about what you do?

It sounds trite, but money, fame, or power isn't truly satisfying for most people; you've got to love what you do. And because we accomplish more as a team, realizing our potential for greatness while doing what we love is what we find most rewarding.

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