Hospice is a program of care and supportive services designed to help terminally ill persons live comfortably and as fully as possible during the last stages of their life. Hithcock Hospice focuses on the maximum comfort and care of the terminally ill and provides support through an interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, clergy, and volunteers. Hospice believes that caring for the terminally ill can be done in the home with the family as the "unit of care". Hospice can help the family meet the physical and emotional demands of keeping their loved one at home and ensuring that the home environment is positive and stable for the patient and the family alike.

The Hitchcock Hospice professionals help the patient to manage pain and symptoms while volunteers, clergy and other staff members help the patient and the family prepare for and adjust to the inevitable final stage of life.

Hitchcock Hospice is a licensed Medicare program.

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