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    Joseph M. Granade Memorial Endowment Fund

    Originally, the Endowment Fund was named after Joseph Granade. Now, in memory of Mr. Granade, the fund will continue to help secure the future of the Center by allowing designated donations to be held in trust. The interest from the Endowment Fund may only be used to advance the mission of the Center. Gifts to this fund are timeless.

    Joseph Granade, 1910-1993, one of the most generous and wonderful men ever to have lived

    Charitable Care

    Many patients have no health care coverage or can't afford the patient responsibility portion fo the bill. For these individuals, a determiniation of medical indigence is calculated based on federal poverty guidelines. As a result of this determination, the patients bill may be covered up to 100% by the United Way funds and other donated care funds.

    Today, unprecedented numbers of individuals face enormous challenges in meeting their medical bills. Many people even delay getting necessary medical care. The needy patients at Hitchcock are able to get back on their feet, and achieve their levels of independance and self-sufficiency because of the United Way and other donors. Each patient has the opportunity to lead an independant and productive life.

    Charitable Tax Deductions

    Hitchcock Rehabilitation Center is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization and, therefore, and contributions to it are tax deductible less the value of the premiums. A real tax advantage may be gained by donating appreciated property such as stock. You can claim a deduction for the full fair market value of the gift and thus avoid paying tax on the stock's appreciation. However, check with your tax advisor to be sure this will be the best strategy for your particular circumstance.

    Volunteer Program - Established 1950

    Volunteers have formed the basis for the Hitchcock Spirit since 1950, and before any therapy services were provided in Aiken, volunteers began what is now the Hitchcock Rehabilitation Center. These creative and dedicated volunteers transported handicapped children to Columbia, and Duke University so they could receive essential medicinal and rehabilitation services.
    Today volunteers continue to be an integral component of the Hithcock Mission.

    CENTERWIDE volunteers are critical to the daily operations of the center. Admin istration, every therapy program, and the Support Services Department utilize vo lunteers daily. We will help find you a rewarding volunteer position - call (80 3) 648-8344

    HOSPICE volunteers receive grief and support training to assist persons who are diagnosed terminal by their physician. Comfort, daily needs, emotional and family support are aspects of the Hospice volunteers's role. Office work and telephone support are also available positions.

    PROFESSIONAL volunteers provide services to Hitchcock through our Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Board, and Utilization Review Committees.

    SPECIAL EVENT volunteers assist in coordinating and implementing activities such as our annual Auction, Bionic Golf Tournament, Biathlon & Triathlon, and the "Wee Can Ski" clinics.

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