It's more that diet. It's positive changes in your lifestyle to control weight. It's a way for you to achieve your ideal weight through a nutritionally sound eating program.
This 12-week program will motivate you as it has hundreds of others. Average first-time participants can expect to lose 12-24 lbs.
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Here is what to expect during the twelve-week program:


  • Getting EXCITED about WELLNESS
  • Personalized Diet Instructions
  • Changing Habits - Changing Lifestyles
  • Fat:A Clinical Look
  • Fat & Cholesterol
  • Diet Changes
  • Sugar: How Sweet It Isn't
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Label Reading: Calcium and Preventing Bone Disease
  • Eating Out...Yes You Can!
  • Feeding Your Kids
  • Now You're on Your Own...

    Eating For Life is taught by a professional registered dietician and is ready to help you make positive lifestyle changes to keep you healthy and fit.

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